How China is murdering white lung syndrome

How China is murdering white lung syndrome

Dr. Paul Cottrell: Use of HIV drug to treat white lung syndrome in China could be part of DEPOPULATION agenda

Natural News) Polymath Dr. Paul Cottrell recently warned that there could be a bigger, more sinister agenda behind China’s use of the HIV drug Azvudine to treat white lung syndrome or serious pneumonia. He noted that Chinese hospitals are refusing to use monoclonal antibodies and other available treatments for the disease.

“It could be a part of depopulation agenda,” Cottrell said. “Some will die. And there was a leader in the scientific community in China that stated another 10 million Chinese will die.”

He added that for the ruling Chinese Communist Party (CCP), the population loss would not be a big deal “because they have 1.5 or 1.4 billion people.”

Azvudine received conditional approval from Chinese authorities in July 2021.

An article in the state-owned Chinese newspaper People’s Daily pointed out that Azvudine has been approved because it was a cheaper COVID-19 treatment than Pfizer’s Paxlovid medication. China’s largest publication added that there was a “dramatic improvement” in patients who took Azvudine.

“The medication’s price has not been determined, but should be much lower than pharmaceutical company Pfizer’s Paxlovid pill, which costs about 2,300 yuan ($340) per dose,” the write-up included.

According to Cottrell, about five percent of Chinese who sought treatment at hospitals and clinics had pneumonia. Most of them managed to fully recover, but a few would die within days. Thus, authorities warned that both old and young COVID-19 patients could suffer from white lung syndrome if they fail to seek medical treatments as soon as possible. (Related: Paul Cottrell reveals how vaccine-induced immunity diminishes over time – Brighteon.TV.)

Experts blame lockdowns for prevalence of white lung syndrome

White lung syndrome pertains to clusters of inflammatory cells in the lungs being detected in both X-rays and CT scans. These are seen as signs of inflammation and pneumonia, and are present in moderate to severe COVID-19. Experts put in their two cents on the white lung issue.

“It doesn’t make sense,” Baylor University pulmonary critical care specialist Dr. Joseph Varon remarked. He mentioned that the in general, the milder B11529 omicron strain does not give white lungs. Moreover, Varon said images of X-rays posted on Chinese social media platforms suggest that the culprit is very similar to the earlier B16172 delta strain.

Microbiologist Dr. Stanley Perlman said he wasn’t surprised to learn about the reports of white lung syndrome in China. He blamed the CCP’s zero-COVID policies and stringent lockdowns for the prevalence of this health issue. Perlman added that this meant most people likely had both low exposure and immunity to SARS-CoV-2, increasing their chances of developing severe disease.

Dr. William Schaffner concurred with the other experts. According to the infectious disease professor, the lockdowns have reduced viral exposure and natural immunity.

“In China, the lockdown was so rigorous [that] it really reduced the transmission of COVID,” Schaffner said.

Former World Health Organization medical officer Dr. David Bell, meanwhile, blamed China’s lockdown policies for contributing to large outbreaks. The infectious disease expert argued that it was not new knowledge that lockdowns cannot control a respiratory virus and that such measures can potentially impair people’s immune systems if prolonged.

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