How forced vaccination will come to Russia

How forced vaccination will come to Russia

“Forced vaccination is coming to Russia. Whether you want to admit it or not, it’s coming.”

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Abandon all cope, ye who enter here

Hope by George Frederic Watts. But how would he paint Cope?

Russian state TV has started to loudly beat the drum for forced vaccination. But they’re not just screaming “put a needle into us, right now!”—no no no, it’s much worse than that.

They are already talking about how forced vaccination will come to Russia. And by “they” we mean Dmitry Kiselyov, Russia’s most serious teevee man. Kiselyov is director of Rossiya Segodnya and is also surgically attached to Dmitry Peskov’s rectum. Let’s just say he has a firm understanding of “which way the wind is blowing” in Moscow.

Kiselyov the Vax Whisperer

So when Kiselyov says unproven genetic injections should be added to Russia’s national vaccine schedule—making it impossible to get a job or go to school or basically do anything without getting injected—it would be prudent to remember Kiselyov is incapable of independent thought and that all the terrible things that slither out of his sclerotic mouth-hole come directly from the Kremlin:

Today the level of herd immunity in Russia is 52%. This is still not enough to prevent the next – already the fifth – wave. We need to be more actively vaccinated. And include the COVID vaccine in the national immunization schedule. The government sent the corresponding amendments to the law on immunization of infectious diseases to the State Duma of the previous composition on May 25. Even the first reading has passed, but since then there has been no movement. But the national vaccination calendar is the official recommendation of the state to be vaccinated for the sake of preventing infections and a guarantee that the state bears all the costs of vaccination according to the law.

In addition, the inclusion of vaccinations against COVID in the national schedule makes it legal, for example, the following: “temporary refusal to admit citizens to educational organizations and health institutions in the event of massive infectious diseases or the threat of an epidemic; refusal to admit citizens to work or suspension of citizens from work, the performance of which is associated with a high risk of contracting infectious diseases.”

In general, the tightening of the requirements for vaccination is now typical for all countries. For example, Austria has already introduced universal compulsory vaccination, and the majority of Germans, according to polls, more than 70%, already support the introduction of universal compulsory vaccination for Germany. Moreover, the majority are in favor of compulsory vaccination in all age groups. […]

If we return to Russia, the good news is that we have finally officially registered a vaccine for children aged 12 to 17 years. Relevant, because children are sick now more and more. According to [Deputy Prime Minister] Tatiana Golikova, doctors are now treating 30,000 children for COVID. Better to vaccinate them, rather than wait until they get sick.

Kiselyov also did a big fancy Rossiya 1 segment providing a roadmap to forced vaccination in Russia. He really lays it all out and even cites the legislation that could be used to turn unvaxxed Russians into third-class citizens.

We appreciate Kiselyov’s academic approach to forced needling, but actually there’s nothing surprising about any of this. A senior witch in the Russian government has already stated openly that COVID restrictions won’t end until every man, woman and child gets gene-juiced. That’s pretty messed up, especially because a very obvious majority of the country doesn’t want the shot, and also because Russian children are far more likely to languish in poverty than die from a positive PCR test.

A crime! He called it a CRIME

In some of our previous Blog Posts we have referred to “so much cope” and “people coping so hard,” and so on. We never explained what we meant by this and now is the time to do so.

Cope is when you are being boiled alive in a giant vat of spike proteins as you weave elaborate yarns about why you need to be cooked, and why being turned into human stew is part of the plan. A bad plan? Of course not, silly. A very, very good plan! The people who are boiling you alive are actually saving you. But, at the same time, other people being boiled alive are retards and are going to die terrible deaths.

According to Wikipedia, Stockholm Syndrome is when people have nice things to say about their captors. Cope is way worse! Cope is when you deny you are being held hostage at all. Yes, maybe there is a shotgun barrel lodged in your mouth—but this is a special shotgun barrel! It’s not like the other shotgun barrels in other peoples’ mouths. Those people are doomed. You are safe and cozy, with a friendly shotgun in your mouth!

This is the definition of cope.

There is a lot of Russia-related cope floating around right now. Every day we see furious coping on social media, on The Blogs, even among Reddit Conspiracy Theorists!

Slavsquat actually had a stroke when he saw this.

Russians don’t like what is happening and are growing increasingly angry toward their captors. So why do people continue to deny what is happening here—while also extoling Russia’s captors? That’s a very weird thing to do.

It’s especially weird because a lot of the people saying these things don’t even live in Russia. They are being boiled alive in a vat of Pfizer sauce while chuckling about how clever they are, for knowing it’s somehow different in Russia. What the hell is going on, here?

Forced vaccination is coming to Russia. Whether you want to admit it or not, it’s coming.

The people who say “forced vaccination could never work in Russia!” are the same people who said QR codes could never work in Russia. Guess what? Most of Russia already has QR codes—they didn’t even wait for the national legislation to pass. Little old ladies across the country are already being prevented from buying groceries in order to safeguard public health.

Are we approaching the Red Line? Will “time to inject all the children with a totally unnecessary and unproven drug” be the final straw for many Russians?

Maybe. But shrugging this all off as “don’t worry, it will be different in Russia”—don’t do that. Please don’t do that.

By the way: the situation isn’t hopeless. If it were truly hopeless, your humble Moscow correspondent would not be Blogging. No way! He would be running very fast in the opposite direction of Dmitry Kiselyov.

But there is no hope if people keep licking the boots of the people who are trying to curb-stomp us.

It’s time to abolish cope. Otherwise life as we know it will simply evaporate. All those moments will be lost to time, like tears in the rain.

“I believe we are facing an evil that has no equal in human history”

Your humble Moscow correspondent shares his thoughts about COVID Russia with The Unz Review

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