How I am being interfered with

How I am being interfered with

Every time I go on to the computer I go through a pallaver to get onto my own site to post material.

It only relates to, nothing else – everything loads fine except for certain websites such as the Defender.

After working for some time, more slowly than I should, but nevertheless successfully,  I am told that I have “lost connection” even though everything works fine elsewhere.

My usual response is to shut down and reboot and it often works OK after that for a while. My suspicion is that there is something within my own system that gets triggered under certain circumstances.

I have tried various ways to speed things up and usually I get met with blank looks and even an acknowledgement that things are operating other than as they should. 

The response is usually some plugin or tweeking that will remove the problem. Except that it never does.

Just before, when working and trying to open a You Tube video I got this message on the Epic browser

When I changed to another browser the problem went away but I suspect Epic picked up something untoward.

And then there was this from a reader who could not get any sound on a video he was trying to play:

Thanks for the response. I have managed to get sound on the older of the two phones I use.

The sound problem is coincident with the appearance of an on screen symbol that only appears when I’m on Seemorerocks and if tapped displays lines of descriptive code.

Disconcerting at best.

I don’ t think I’m being paranoid. I do not think there is a little person monitoring me 24/7 but there may well be AI or some sort of virus or trojan horse that is triggered.

There are forces that do not want the truth from getting out.

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  1. My pet hate is when I have watched x number of minutes of a video when it suddenly stops and I get the message, something like, “this is using too much data so Google has removed some content”
    May there be a particularly unpleasant portion of hell reserved for these people.

  2. I use Epic Browser.
    Those ReCaptcha appear for me on certain websites that have a.i. blocking tech.
    I use Yandex search engine and they have ReCaptchas every 4-5 pages of search results.

    Though theirs are “typing text” images, Instead of the horrible click on “streetlights”
    ReCaptchas are normal behavior because of the way Epic Browser connects with websites.

    I have problems with certain URL’s where I live.
    It could be your Internet Service Provider throttling your connection, when it detects usage that is “unwanted.” (peer 2 peer, for me.)

    Do you use a VPN? I use Hotspot Shield.
    Even then sometimes my p2p activity is throttled. Somewhere down the line they see my upload/download speeds/activity and assume I am using P2P.

    Your ISP can block/slow speeds to a crawl accessing any URL.
    That could explain why they say, there is “no problem.” Because there is nothing physically wrong. But your ISP and their parent companies (Telecommunications, 5G hello!) have an agenda and in-turn, digitally censor you.

    I’ve had to call and complain that I am not getting the speeds I paid for. It was better for a few months.
    Now they’re charging more money for the same service. So I threatened to change providers.
    And I kept my old plan… Which is still outrageously expensive.

      1. Hmm, it certainly could be a trojan or other malware/software on your PC.

        Have you been able to try on another PC? Or at another location?
        There are so many possibilities, it really is trial and error.

        As for the: “on screen symbol that only appears when I’m on Seemorerocks and if tapped displays lines of descriptive code.”

        That could be simply the “mobile” version of this website has some errors. I would be interested in what this symbol looks like. It could be malware scrambling, or just unable to decrypt because of an error.

        I remember I had to use Firefox to watch a Sucharit Bhakdi video a month or 2 ago. Something in the proxy script of Epic was preventing the video link to display on seemorerocks.

        Good luck! Thanks for your hard work Robin!

        1. Hi Canadian, the symbol is a small yellow circle with a white dot lower left with two white bands (quarter circle) above the dot.
          Looks legit and is suggestive of a signal/broadcast.
          Just doesn’t match anything I can find in my phone or apps.
          The code and text are clearly describing various postings on this blog.
          I’m a luddite regarding all this stuff. Cheers.

  3. My 2 Kanadian cents worth: Stuff is ALWAYS happening on my side, and tried to explain this *current-time phenomenon,* partly from an astrological perspective, in 3 comments posted to the Sept 10th 2021 item by Robin titled “Biden Administration Worried Taliban Isn’t Diverse Enough.”

    If there are readers who are frequently subject to weird things happening in their life like I have, then they might be rid of any ‘paranoia’ that ensues (in the event that feeling is their tendency is such situations) if they read and are able to understand my comments.

    As one example of ‘stuff’ happening, should mention that in another item from Robin where a number of commenters were discussing problems with the sound from some videos… I commented on the variety of experiences I’ve had with sound, which post then appeared under the others’ comments (and I have a copy of that successful posting). But days later when I went back to add one point to what I’d written, my post had disappeared. I don’t think Robin would have removed it. Of course, could do a re-posting, but haven’t decided yet.

    The one point I had wanted to add, I could write on that right now… as follows: On the device I’m using now, where I would have to put my ear right up the speakers when audio was sub-par… after writing up the disappeared comment just mentioned, it dawned on me that I’d forgotten there was an earphone jack on the side of my device, because it’s almost hidden by the cover I’d put over this device, and in fact had never once used that jack.

    So I tried one of my earphones (a real nice set, designed for music), and sound was loud enough but it had too much bass muffling it. So next time there’s a video with bad audio, am going to get out a packed-away set of earphones designed for communication, which I think will be better. End of problem, I expect.

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