How Michael Mann and others LIE as the Arctic sea ice melts in mid-winter

How Michael Mann and others LIE as the Arctic sea ice melts in mid-winter

I have recorded a short video based on a report on mid-winter sea ice melt by Margo as well as a video from Guy McPherson exposing out-and-out lying by Michael Mann and others about climate change that no doubt reflects a political, and not a scientific climate.

Note: I will report on people who I dislike and have rejected me if I think what they are saying is relevant and truthful.

Truth and lies about Arctic sea ice

Margo: Methane Report for NOAA Data for Tues., 1/5/21 & Other Updates

Ice arches holding Arctic’s ‘last ice area’ in place are at risk, researcher says

Many Scientists Now Say Global Warming Could Stop Relatively Quickly After Emissions Go to Zero

Guy McPherson: Science Update: Climate Scientists Overtly Lying?

Here is Margo’s report from Sunday

Here is Guy McPherson’s video


Inside Climate News: Many Scientists Now Say Global Warming Could Stop Relatively Quickly After Emissions Go to Zero


MIT Technology Review: The pandemic taught us how not to deal with climate change


Environmental Research Letters, a peer-reviewed journal: Maximum warming occurs about one decade after a carbon dioxide emission


Excerpt below is from page 30 of Clinical Psychology Forum, a peer-reviewed journal, published September 2019 and titled, “Going halfway: Climate reports ignore the full evidence, and therapists ignore grief recovery:”

Convincing the masses that something can be done to slow or reverse abrupt, irreversible climate change encourages the masses to forgo consumption of fossil fuels. ‘Keep it in the ground’ is a rallying cry for activists, but admitting to the majority of the population that the situation is irreversible, doubtless would discourage people from leaving the fossil fuels untouched and ‘in the ground’. This is one means by which the calories unconsumed by the ignorant masses are left to the informed, presumably wealthy individuals.


Scientists, like other people, sometimes lie. Foremost among the reasons is retention of privilege. Like other people, scientists want to be publicly acclaimed, a desire that sometimes leads to lies. Patterns regarding scientists and their lies were described by Stanford researchers in 2015.

Oh, Mann: An overview of Mann’s lies from a post published 25 July 2017

Climate Tipping Points: Fact-Check: is “global dimming” shielding us from catastrophe? This paper ignores dozens of self-reinforcing feedback loops (some of which are described here) and also peer-reviewed papers on the topic of the aerosol masking effect by Levy et al. (18 January 2013), Rosenfeld et al. (8 February 2019), and Chakraborty and Lee (18 July 2019). These papers, combined with interviews associated with the paper by Rosenfeld et al. were pointed out in the following analysis: The McPherson Paradox, Very Briefly (for complete evidence, follow hyperlinks to articles, peer-reviewed and otherwise). James Hansen indicated via video that “the aerosols only stay up there five days … they’re going to fall out and then we get the full warming.”

There is quite a difference between five days and a ten years. Some climate “scientists” obviously are more interested in obfuscation than evidence. 

Latest peer-reviewed journal articles:

McPherson, Guy R. 2020. Near-Term Loss of Habitat for Homo sapiensEarth & Environmental Science Research & Reviews 3(4):216-218.

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McPherson, Guy R. 2019. Going Halfway: Climate Reports Ignore the Full Evidence, and Therapists Ignore Grief Recovery. Clinical Psychology Forum 321:28-31.

McPherson, Guy R. 2019. Becoming Hope-Free: Parallels Between Death of Individuals and Extinction of Homo sapiens. Clinical Psychology Forum 317:8-11. The full paper is linked here.

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