How They Are Telling You To ‘Get The Vaccine’ – David Icke

How They Are Telling You To ‘Get The Vaccine’ – David Icke

This is a highly significant conversation, not only on how they have the technology to implant the message in people that it is okay to have the death jab even if they are dead set against it. 

This has been reported by numerous people.

It is also a discussion of Consciousness and how people making the Unconscious conscious is the one thing they are most afraid of.

Words In Your Head – How They Are Telling You To ‘Get The Vaccine’ – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

He quotes the experiences of Jeff Rense (confirmed many times over) and Clif High, which is below.

Here is a video he talks about which illustrates how people can be manipulated.

While I was listening these words from Carl Jung came to me. It seems to me that what the spiritless psychopaths want is to destroy the religious/spiritual experience and they certainly don’t want any Carl Jungs in this world; they are probably their greatest enemy.

Carl Gustav Jung – Do You Believe in God?

2 thoughts on “How They Are Telling You To ‘Get The Vaccine’ – David Icke

  1. This is a great item on Robin’s blog.

    Actually, was close to finishing my comment and writing about David Icke.

    In fact, specifically, I was discussing the Reptilian order of reality which Icke is known to talk about. The first time I came across mention of these entities was about 20 years back, in a book by Laurence Gardner titled “Bloodline of the Holy Grail,”

    So(u)lAmigo was familiar with Gardner’s work. My friend says it’s difficult to talk about the Reptiles because they defy normal categories of explanation, but can be grasped on the intuitive level.

    Then I wrote here the Reptiles won’t come to bother one in sleep or even during waking hours. Just at the very point of writing that, the cursor in this comment space became entirely sluggish. I would press a key, and it would take at least 3 seconds or more before the cursor moved the one space so that the character of the key could type itself out. Then the cursor stopped moving altogether. Entire web page froze solid. I was able close down the device. The browser also crashed and my entire longish comment was wiped out.

    To be truthful, this did not freak me out one bit, my being used to these sorts of events from as far back as I can remember. But just mentioning it now for what it’s worth.

    My friend reminded me that at the temple of the Oracle of Delphi in Greece, carved in stone was the dictum: “Know Thy Self.” To which my friend adds: “To thine own self be true.” Well, Amen to that!

    And am sure Icke would agree, because, apart from being an usually interesting guy, he’s an exceptionally individualized individual.

    Here I would add that Robin has magically included a video of a short interview with the Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung. Jung is famous for having shown us how we may come to know oneself and be true to that knowledge — to become our true individual selves. He called that process *Individuation,* which he came upon through his deep research into the Unconscious, which threw up discoveries into the significance of dreams and the power and meaning of symbols.

    Jung, beside being a psychologist, was an artist and an astrologer. Individuation required the integration of one’s small self with the larger Self, or the Whole. The Whole is never mistaken for the great Collective. Rather, the relationship between them is clarified, despite that whatever seems out there is never there at all, but all are aspects of one’s own Mind. There is no separation really, though we may speak as if there were such a condition in force.

    Where David Icke is in this scenario of coming to the Source of who one really is or what it’s all about, I kind of feel he’s travelled a long way, left behind all that’s unworkable… is very aware of his thoughts and feelings, and so on. Therefore, his choices are the result of his awareness of his own reality and that which seems out there that is trying to tell us to do it this way or that way. Those who are unsure of themselves might be more comfortable with the safety of the herd, the Collective. Sometimes it may be OK to go that route. Because in the end, it’s a case-by-case world.

    [[ a great read of Jung’s life & work is his autobio: “Memories, Dreams, Reflections”; otherwise, if one is in a manic phase, there’s always his “Collected Works” in 21 or more volumes ]]

    1. Above was the long version.

      The short of it is that if one knows oneself and is in accord with reality (not just ‘believes’ in oneself) and is true to that knowledge, one will be able to differentiate between one’s own thoughts & feelings (which are real) and those which have been planted in one through surreptitious means, coercion or otherwise!!!

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