Hunger in US and skyrocketing prices in Australia

Hunger in US and skyrocketing prices in Australia

 Fruit and vegetable prices set to skyrocket in Australia due to labour shortage | 7NEWS

Coronavirus is affecting food prices with fears of a 25 per cent hike in fresh fruit and vegetables over summer. The problem is travel restrictions cutting off seasonal harvest crews with the NSW industry alone short some 90,000 workers.

Hunger in US | ‘Everybody’s 

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#Hunger in the #UnitedStates is up markedly this year. Feeding America says the number of people seeking help at its food banks nationwide has increased an average of 60% since the pandemic began. Four out of every 10 people have never set foot in a pantry until now.

Feeding America’s own 181 food banks have distributed 1.6 billion pounds of food per quarter in the pandemic, compared with roughly 1 billion before.

The AP’s hunger project included a portrait series with pantry patrons across the country — several of them first-timers who’ve fallen on hard times.

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