Hurricane Ian is connected to an Atlantic atmospheric river

Hurricane Ian is connected to an Atlantic atmospheric river

Margo has said to me that NASA Worldview (which was offline yesterday) is back.

“If you look at it, you can see that Hurricane Ian is connected to an atmospheric river that stretches up along the North American coast  and all the way across the Atlantic, almost to Ireland and Norway. I have not seen anything like it before”

Meanwhile, Down Under we are forgetting what the sun looks like as we get day after day, week after week of rain and total cloud cover.

Vegetables are rotting on the ground.

Ian Re-Strengthens Back Into a Hurricane – Headed into South Carolina

Hurricane Ian which devastated the Gulf Cost of Florida and tore-up vast swaths of the center of that state, departed Florida’s coast into the Atlantic Ocean as a Tropical Storm yesterday.  Once back over water, it re-strengthened back into a Hurricane and now has 85 MPH sustained winds as it heads into South Carolina.

The image above from the National Hurricane Center, shows the new computer model path of the Hurricane as it once again makes landfall, this time in South Carolina.

Hurricane Warnings, shown in red above, have gone up for vast areas of the South Carolina coast.

Looks like “Ian” is not done reeking havoc on the USA

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