I am putting less and less on this blog 

I am putting less and less on this blog 

Please subscribe to my Telegram account.


There are many days where I cannot keep up with accelerating events.

However, I begin every day and peruse all the main news headlines, articles and videos and this is all posted on my Telegram page.

I have not worked out a way yet, of turning my account from “private” to “public”, so I am giving the link so you can find it and subscribe.It is easy.

You only need to download the app and you need a cellphone only to register.

There are many interesting channels to follow and keep up to date with the latest information.

I invite you to join me on Telegram. Download the app, register using your cellphone and use this link. 

Use this link.

You won’t regret it, especially if you are a news junkie!

7 thoughts on “I am putting less and less on this blog 

  1. Ah damn

    I guess its the end of an era.

    Telegram requires a mobile phone number. Im not willing to give that detail to any big data owned organisation.

    I have very much enjoyed your blog. I will not use Telegram

    1. Don’t worry.The most important stuff will appear on the blog. I don’t have the energy to deal with all the information that comes my way

  2. Mobile phone account can be expensive, depending on location, so I don’t have one. Too bad. In any case, I have more than a good idea where things are headed. So, many thanks to Robin for great good work and dedication. ——— WesKoastKanuk

  3. Thanks for your time Robin, it’s been great! I’m with those above, already have too many ways to be followed and marketed. Wanna be luddite is I! Will still check you out from the east coast of canuck land.

  4. same here. not a day I did not check you site for so many years. wanted to thank you many times along the way. never had a cell phone, never went on any social media.
    actually, I could not get an apointment for a vaccine because I did not have a cell phone…
    thanks again for all your (and your partner’s) work despite your failing health

  5. Sorry to hear that your energies have shifted to Telegram. Is it less prone to censorship or DNS attacks? Regardless, best wishes and many thanks for all that you do – you continue to make a difference and contribute valuable information, strike a blow for freedom.

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