I am transferring back to my original blog

I am transferring back to my original blog

I have been taking a small mental health break from the blog in the past 48 hours.

In the meantime I received another of three emails warning my that the blog has reached about 98 % capacity and I should either remove content or arrange for more space.

On the basis that my health is such that I can barely keep up I have decided to post everything at my other blog, https://robinwestenra.blogspot.com/.

When I post something I shall post a link to the article here, at least for the time being. I am tired, very tired, and after 11 years of devoting my attention to this have to scale back my activity.

There is little more that I can contribute, especially now that things are getting worse, almost on a daily basis.

I never thought I would have to blog about World War 3! I maintain two accounts where I park material that I would sift through for the blog.

The first main place is Telegram which you can subscribe to through THIS LINK.

I realise that Telegram does not suit everybody so I also have an account on GETTR where I park material. 

My Gettr account can be found HERE.

3 thoughts on “I am transferring back to my original blog

  1. My sunny soul friend Sol and I can see Robin puts a lot of effort into his work (which is seriously important for many of us), so we are transmitting in his direction good energy as help for his current condition.

    Sol, for as long as he can remember, has been a receiver of special dreams and omens to augment his personal resources. Says the world has been in potentially big war mode since 2014-2015, when the independence movement in eastern Ukraine triggered military action there. And certainly we are in this mode right now. Whether we call it World War III, The Final Great War, or Armageddon — is moot.

    Every January, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists adjusts the Doomsday Clock as needed. Currently it’s set at 1 1/2 minutes before midnight, unchanged since January 20, 2020.

    People need to spruce up their contingency thinking. Everything is happening at once, in parallel, so to speak. So war matters get caught up in the totality that includes climate change, global finance and host of other mind-absorbing trends.

    And Sol warns about food and water, and being in the right place at the right time.

    1. A correction, entirely my own!

      The time that was set by the scientists in January 2020 (and still unchanged) is 100 seconds, or 1 minute 40 seconds, before midnight, NOT 1 1/2 minutes — for a difference of 10 seconds longer to reach that moment when we will all become toast!

  2. Wesley here, Robin. Was just at your old blue-trimmed blogspot site, and realized I may not be able to post any comments there. As I’m using friend Sol’s facilities, and these days he doesn’t want to be giving up any of his data to google for sign-ins, or at least as little as possible. We’ll see.

    But I can read everything you post on your blog. Cheers!

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