I have “covid19”

I have “covid19”

It has taken days for me to summon up the energy to even turn on the computer to write this note.

Sometime between Christmas and New Year my partner Pam and I started to both feel unwell.

I have had two positive RAT (rapid antigen) test results for covid-19. We both have very different symptoms

Although the actual symptoms are rather mild (i have experienced FAR worse flu’s) they are very debilitating on top of what I am already experiencing and I am worried about the ability of my system to resolve the pathogen.

Pam read out the possible side-effects of the anti-viral medication she has been prescribed and they include nausea and dizziness.

These are symptoms that I experience every day of my life and have since before the covid era and I have failed to get any medical practitioner to take an interest. 

This is the second time in just under 20 years that I have had influenza. If I mention this to the doctors they just smile and say it’s wonderful I have such a fine immune system.

I would now say: “OK, but the quid pro quo is that I feel unwell 24/7. My greatest fear is that my immune system is unable to resolve the pathogen.

There is no way I can be restored to health. My fear is that I may go to a new level of unwellness, something that had already happened before that.

That is why I have been silent for a week.

4 thoughts on “I have “covid19”

  1. I am so sorry to hear this. You are not vaxxed, right? I hope not.
    Doctors – at least here in US – are no longer ‘medical detectives’. They are cookie cutter practisioners working for corporate owned medical conglomerates.
    Rupert Sheldrake did a study on the efficacy of prayer. I would ask everyone reading this to pray for Robin. Send Love. Thank you.

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