I have received a letter from my medical centre

I have received a letter from my medical centre

Unsure as yet how to respond

Kia ora! You are part of Group 3 for the COVID-19 vaccine rollout. You will be contacted by end of July with an invitation to book your vaccination appointment. Group 3 is large, more than 200,000 in our region, so vaccinations will take place over several months. More info: www.VaccinateGreaterWellington.nz 

Hi Robin It is now your turn to book your free COVID-19 vaccination. You will receive your vaccination in a community clinic. To book your appointment, phone (04)260 6078 or email covidvax@teahn.org.nz 


5 thoughts on “I have received a letter from my medical centre

  1. Don’t respond. Let them waste their time chasing you.

    My wife and I were sent appointments by the NHS and we ignored them. If we had said, “No thanks,” they would have given the killshot to some other victim.

    Data out of Israel shows it is even less effective than thought – cases and hospitalisations per capita were greater (in the over 50s) among the vaxxed than among the unvaxxed.


    1. If they ring (and that’s what they what to do)I don’t intend to give them anything except to say that I decline their very kind offer and if they try to push it or provide me with official “inofrmation” will treat it like any unsolicited phonecall – hang up.

      1. If you’re on cellphone, keep it on airplane mode for your own safety. Then from the messages left, call back those whom you choose to speak to – on speaker phone. If you end up talking to the vax police, say nothing, record everything. Stay strong, stay clean, stay healthy. Sending you positive energetics from all of us out here who benefit from your work.

  2. Justin Trudeau our PM said he’d let the provinces decide how they want to rollout their vaxx programmes. Provinces, perhaps not all, are allowing urban centres and municipalities to call it. My experience says Canadians generally have become less and less pushy, given the mistakes over our history, so there won’t be any vaxx police at the local level (though passports may be lurking around the corner, which mostly we haven’t come to yet). Canada is trying as adroitly as possible to step to the ongoing changes — because viruses have their own collective intelligence that’s trying to outsmart us.

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