Video footage shows “missile”, then massive explosion

Video footage shows “missile”, then massive explosion

I was going to present material that shows the “other” side of the argument but this settles it for me. Hal Turner says he has analysed the video for alterations and not found any evidence. I will go with that rather than the cynics who are armed with nothing other than an instant opinion

Filtered Video from Beirut Shows “Missile” Then Massive Explosion

Hal Turner,

6 August, 2020

Robin Westenra · Hal Turner discusses missile hit in Beirut and Julian Assange/Seth Rich stories

Video showing the utterly enormous explosion which destroyed half of Beirut Lebanon has been put through a filter to highlight things that may not normally be visible to the human eye.  In one such filtered video – shown below — something resembling a missile is seen flying toward a burning warehouse, and when the missile hits, the warehouse detonates in the enormous explosion.

In the video below, filters have been applied which reverse light-to-dark and vice-versa.  In the ONE SECOND between seven (7) and eight (8) seconds, from top-left-to-bottom-right, “something” appears to travel at extremely high speed into the burning warehouse, and at the moment it hits, the warehouse detonates in a mighty blast.

I have scanned this video for alterations and do not find any.   I have scanned the video for evidence of Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) and do not find any.

Of course, I am NOT a forensic expert and there are people with far greater talent in that field than anything I have, so this __may__ be a fake.

HOWEVER, given the availability of numerous videos showing the explosion from numerous angles, all of which can be examined by experts, it would be helpful if all those videos were examined similarly, with filtering applied, to see if they too show what appears to be an inbound missile.

If this video is unaltered, then it would be conclusive proof that the explosion that struck Beirut was an attack.

Moreover, only sovereign powers have these types of missiles, which means the attack on Beirut was an Act of War by an as-yet-unidentified nation state.

It is no secret that there are serious troubles between the Hezbollah government in Lebanon, and its neighbor to the south, Israel.

It is also no secret that Israel has attacked and killed Hezbollah leaders who were visiting Syria.

So based on recent past history, and the reality of the present tensions between Lebanon and Israel, one must admit there is at least a POSSIBILITY that the explosion in Beirut was an attack.  

Israel has publicly and repeatedly DENIED any involvement in the explosion in Beirut.


 I have used my very primitive video editing skills to get some stills of the “missile”

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