IATA is preparing a vaccine passport system for all those that wish to fly

IATA is preparing a vaccine passport system for all those that wish to fly

“And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.”

Revelation 13: 17

For the second time today, while putting something important together the Blogger application froze and what I wrote was not saved.

For the second time it was when I changed my VPN settings to another country that I was able to continue unimpeded.


This is one of the most important episodes I have listened to – perhaps THE most important yet.

They show specific and irrefutable evidence (through the words of the head of IATA) that a universal vaccination passport is coming this year and governments are falling into line.

You do not (hopefully) have to be a committed Christian to see the truth of what is said in the segment below.

The vast majority of the population will be in abject denial and will ignore the warnings until it hits them – and then even those who said they will not have the vaccine will submit.

Rick Wiles conveys an important truth and that is not that this is about the the European Union or the Catholic Church but that unaccountable corporations rule the world and elected governments fall into line – some willingly, others not so willingly.

Unless you have a backbone, a strong moral compass and a spiritual anchor you will not have it within you to resist to the end and will be forced to submit.

We see the plans are very advanced and we are being forewarned. Already in Israel, people cannot enter a supermarket without a vaccine passport.

The signs are there and things are moving very quickly and even the most reasonable governments are becoming despotic.

These are very dark times – more so than when the dark clouds were descending over Europe in the late 1930’s with nazism.

Please heed the message and prepare yourself as best you can.


The Beast system is coming

this year

Are you going to resist or submit?

Here, I have extracted the most salient points of today’s TruNews podcast. 

Unfortunately I have got the two segments out of synch so the second part appears first.

Robin Westenra · The Beast system is here (almost)!

In Europe they are preparing vaccine passports that they call 

“green passports”


And the head of IATA is revealing their plans for tying the right 

to fly to an app. that proves vaccination.

Here are the most salient points, courtesy of TruNews.

Now, hear the media briefing from IATA for yourself

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