Ice is melting at 88 degrees North

Ice is melting at 88 degrees North

All the Near Term Human Extinction death cult people will be getting ready to call a large party at this graph.

“We’re safe for another year!”

Reality, which they never ever check tell us otherwise.

Today was one of the days where the cloud has dissipated to a level where one can see what is really happening – and it is much as I said in my previous video.

The ice is breaking up throughout much of the region north of 80 degrees North – in fact, as can be seen, it is breaking up up to 88N.

This is what the Navy data shows


Here is Margo’s last report from 2 days ago.

4 thoughts on “Ice is melting at 88 degrees North

  1. You are right to call it a death cult because on all the discussion forums on Youtube, the majority seem to be welcoming the extinction of humanity as a failed experiment in evolution. I think some of them would happily work with Dr Mengele or Bill Gates in sppeding up the process of getting rid of humans. My view si thta there is such a qualitiative differnc ebetween human beings and animals thta mankind’s appearance cna only eb epalien dby a process liek creation.

    Humans are capable of great evil, but also great works of creativity and self sacrifice. just what you might expect from a creature made in God’s image fallen into corruption.

    1. I call it a death cult because that’s how I see what I was part of. Guy and his followers go on about near-term extinction but are disinterested in evidence, even evidence that supports their claims. When some of us work so hard to look at what is ACTUALLY happening it riles me.

  2. Wow! The NAVY projection is starkly different from the DMI. There is basically no old ice…
    A lot of “slush” and “junk ice” can be seen on clear days, on EOSDIS arctic, worldview satellite images.

    This is really bad news. If “Sam Carana?” Is anywhere near correct, were going to have some sweltering hot weather in the coming years. In the entire Northern hemisphere especially.

    That video recently, with ~54C in the shade and ~72C in the sun, somewhere in the Middle East.
    Is quite disconcerting. That’s wet-bulb… That’s too hot for photosynthesis. It’s too hot!

    Also I noticed the DMI’s graph for “volume” has not moved since the beginning of July.
    (Note this is the image from Aug 24th, 2021. But the black line on the graph has stopped nearly 2 months ago.)

  3. Revelation 16
    8 And the fourth angel poured out his bowl upon the sun, and it was given power to scorch people with fire. 9 And the people were scorched with fierce heat; and they blasphemed the name of God who has the power over these plagues, and they did not repent so as to give Him glory.

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