Illegal Chinese Bio-Lab Discovered in Fresno, California Was Subsidized by Gavin Newsom

Illegal Chinese Bio-Lab Discovered in Fresno, California Was Subsidized by Gavin Newsom

Reedley Chinese COVID Lab Received Tax Credit of $360,000 From Gov. Newsom’s ‘GO-Biz’

CDC conducted found more than 800 chemicals at the site and over 20 infectious agents


INVASION ALERT: Chinese Biolab Raided In California: DEADLY Viruses To Be Released Against Americans

Deadly viruses and pathogens were likely to be used to create another pandemic.
Veteran investigative journalist Michael Yon is back with Stew to detail the disturbing report of a Chinese biolab found near Fresno, California as well as the massive invasion of Chinese nationals at the southern border.
As America becomes an open borders dumping ground for the criminal trash of the world, we’re going to see more and more cases of flagrant, organized criminal activity in this country.
Some towns will become the domain of the cartels.
Inner cities will be ruled by urban gangs and all over America, Chinese spies and gangsters will operate with greater and greater impunity.
We saw a glimpse of this future this week in China where the FBI and CDC just raided a massive underground secret Chinese biolab just outside Fresno, California.
This secret lab was filled with deadly infection agents, including E. coli, HIV, Hepatitis, and Malaria.
The lab was the property of an obscure, fly-by-night Chinese corporation called Prestige Labs, with fake addresses in both the U.S. and China.
The lab also had hundreds of mice in it, some already dead, being used for assorted biological experiments.
It is clear that America is under biological attack.
Texas is in danger of losing its “tuberculosis free” designation from their cattle.
If that happens it will cripple the Texas cattle and dairy industry.
This will also cause a food shortage and will spread to sheep and pigs.
Chinese immigrants are infected with multidrug resistant tuberculosis.
The raid on the biolab means that there are likely more labs spread across the Unites States.
After the Covid pandemic, Americans must assume these biolabs function as a means to create the next pandemic.
The American military is not protecting our borders and our politicians have committed treason

Illegal Chinese Bio-Lab Discovered in Fresno, California Was Subsidized by Gavin Newsom

The secret and illegal Chinese bio-lab that was recently discovered in Fresno, California, which was allegedly full of mice that were engineered to carry COVID-19, was subsidized by Governor Gavin Newsom.

Newsom is in the news constantly these days because he is basically the back-up plan for Democrats in 2024 if Biden can’t run. Do you think anyone in media will ask him about this?

Don’t count on it.

The California Globe reported:

Reedley Chinese COVID Lab Received Tax Credit of $360,000 From Gov. Newsom’s ‘GO-Biz’

At the epicenter of current controversy, an illegal California lab run by a Chinese biotech firm, Prestige Biotech, was recently discovered in a warehouse in Reedley, California. The lab contained mice which were genetically engineered to spread COVID-19.

According to National Review, “court documents further showed that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) conducted tests on the more than 800 chemicals found at the site and that over 20 infectious agents were found present, including Hepatitis B and C, streptococcus pneumonia, chlamydia, rubella, and Herpes 1 and 5.” As a federal investigation is underway, where will the money trail lead us?…

A document released on March 24, 2019 by Governor Newsom’s Office of Business and Economic Development, a California Competes tax credit allocation agreement of $360,000 was cemented with UMI.

This seems kind of newsworthy, doesn’t it?

Jazz Shaw of Hot Air adds this:

No doubt Newsom’s office was simply tossing money around for “economic development” and had no idea of the shady business going on, but then again…they had no idea what shady business was going on, and apparently accidentally helped fund an illegal Chinese biolab.

You would think somebody keeps track of such things, and you would be wrong. Nobody actually cares about what the government funds, only that it toss lots of green around…

All of this is very troubling, and the only thing that keeps me from outright panicking is that Anthony Fauci hasn’t tried to assure me that everything is just fine and that pangolins or racoon dogs were involved.

How many more of these secret labs do you suppose there are in the United States right now?

You know there are others.

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