Illuminati Message for Putin: Biden Speech On “Tuesday” At 2:22 on 2/22/22

Illuminati Message for Putin: Biden Speech On “Tuesday” At 2:22 on 2/22/22

It appears that the Illuminati sent a cryptic message to Vladimir Putin today. The US President’s speech was on “Tuesday” at 2:22 on 2/22/22. Was it a coincidence or was there a hidden meaning in the timing of President Biden’s speech?

Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart. Airdate 2/22/22

One thought on “Illuminati Message for Putin: Biden Speech On “Tuesday” At 2:22 on 2/22/22

  1. Only the 2nd or 3rd time watching Wiles on TRUNEWS, in this instance, the entire video. And 1st time seeing Dr Burkhart. Super interesting.

    On the mysterious set of numbers involving 2s, also heard before catching the video, a discussion of the same set of numbers on CBC Radio (and ‘Tuesday’ was also mentioned). Listeners were informed that whenever characters appear in a set of just numbers or in an alphanumeric combination, such that they read the same whether from left to right or backwards, the formation is called a ‘palindrome.’

    While it may seem fascinating, nothing was said of any significance a palindrome might have. But one listener called in with an example which was remarkable, because it came to be connected with a great string of freaky coincidences in her personal life, which story I can’t repeat here, due to not remembering the details.

    However, I have some comments about these numbers appearing at the time of Biden’s speech. Given the world population of 7.4 billion, probably not unusual to have a great lot of people become aware ahead of time that a palindrome in the date and time was about to manifest and could be caught by those with the right presence of mind.

    As for whether it was a real coincidence in Biden’s case, my feeling is that it wasn’t, but was intentionally used to add a sense of specialness to the speech as an important historical occasion, given what was going on in Ukraine.

    My ever-sharp friend, Sol, caught the fact that the video missed the real significance of ‘Tuesday’ —- not as connected with the number 2, though this no doubt was a ‘real’ coincidence. But Sol said that the days of the week are related to the planets of the solar system. As in the day of the Sun, Moon, and skipping to the 4th day, Mercury for Wednesday, Jupiter for Thursday, Venus for Friday, and Saturn for Saturday.

    Tuesday in French is ‘le mardi,’ or ‘Mars day.’ And Mars is the Red planet, yes, the colour used for the Communist flag. But Mars also stands for ‘red blood,’ ‘martial,’ ‘fighting,’ ‘anger,’ ‘taking the initiative and getting ahead of all the others,’ and most definitely ‘war’!!!

    That’s the meaning of Tuesday that goes with this palindrome, so in this case, it’s strikingly fitting! No, it’s not in reference to Biden and the US, as they are merely reacting. Rather, to Putin and Russia.

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