2 thoughts on “Imminent Ozone Layer Collapse, A Dire Warning From A Former NASA Contract Engineer

  1. I’ve been pamphleting people with this dire matter for years. I often point out this crime while it’s taking place; while the jets are overhead spraying poison. No one even looks up without my pointing it out. At least half the idiots I point this out to tell me it’s “condensation” or simply that it’s exhaust from the engine. I now ask people if they’ve noticed how their exposed skin burns in direct sunlight, even after 6:00 PM!

    I’m seriously wondering if the people walking around are real. Are they zombies? Brain-dead? What?

    The same government that pushes you over and over to accept some injection – of which nearly no one knows anything about, and that will make you sick or kill you – is the same government poisoning and slowly killing you daily from above.

    God help us, if there is one.

    1. Slow boil… Started heating up a lot in the 90’s… But it has been going on throughout the 1950’s.
      Watching Old Westerns, there are trails in the sky. Much fewer, but clearly aerosol spraying.

      Before lockdowns… Everyone still had their head down at their phones.
      Don’t forget all the X.R. death cult garbage.
      X.R. would not touch geo-engineering. All I heard was talk about killing people/ letting them die.
      Meanwhile their nation has been dealing with the Saudi’s and their never-ending war in Yemen.

      Cognitive dissonance, normalcy bias, hypnosis/brainwashing.

      God is real. You know it.
      But is Jesus Christ your Lord and saviour?

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