In defence of NOT KNOWING

In defence of NOT KNOWING

I woke up this morning to this from a close friend with whom we have been making common cause on covid and has been doing some energetic work.

I know we kinda disagree around the so – called climate change. I agree the ‘climate’ has become more volatile in many ways & yes all the bs chemical war on this beautiful Gaia & you know how u really am against the use of toxic poisons That they put everywhere- in our water in our skies.

But I also get told that the ice caps are not melting but there is more ice

Anyway it’s my radar my own inner radar that guides me always,  I feel truth It has never resonated that it’s all about carbon dioxide ruining everything & we are to blame, seems preposterous to me actually.

We live in a quantum field.

The truth is often yet to be discovered for us all I think we will get more disclosure coming soon around more lies we have been indoctrinated with.

I have not spent four years examining data on the melting of the Arctic ice just to be told that all the data and satellite images are fake just because their intellect tells them otherwise and this is backed up with a “scientist” Greg Braden, so my response was:

I’m afraid some things are not a matter of belief. I actually WATCH this and can see how the ice has melted. The people who are trying to manipulate us are the others who deny this because it undermines their agenda.

Seeing is believing for most of us.

In fact, the other people who are denying (in a different way) the real state of the Arctic ice are the folk at the COP meeting in Edinburgh, so the deniers are in good company.

What I don’t get (and I am talking generically) is we live in a real world and solid evidence for covid but we throw evidence away for “climate change”. It is a matter of belief and resonance and we live in a quantum universe. It really continues to bother me. I live in a world of evidence. In some areas like Arctic ice there is not even any question; in other areas we can ask questions.

I am not one to accept limiting views.

There are certain things that I BELIEVE but I try to keep that seperate from the realm of evidence and keep an open mind on things as there is a high degree of uncertainty, say in the area of covid. 

The only thing I can be absolutely certain of is that the narrative we are being fed by governments and media is totally false.

For the entire duration of humanity on this planet mythology and stories are important and I have often observed that frequently people who have strong religious beliefs (say in Noah and the Flood) are frequently sharp and rational observers of human society –  far, far more sore than the people who claim to be guided by the rational mind but are actually followers of a new religion, scientism, which is every bit as limiting as traditional religious mythology.

At the moment I am reading David Icke which clearly shows where I am.

I find it difficult to accept that science really does “know” about viruses and the causation of disease.

There are plenty of reasons to be sceptical.

We can say that the world of the five senses is illusory as is physical reality.  It is true, for example, that what we perceive with our five senses is only an infinitesimal part of reality. It is true that we live in a quantum world.

But just try walking through a closed door that does not exist! Or try putting out your arms and start flying because you don’t ‘believe’ in limitations. You will probably either end up in the lunatic asylum or dead at the bottom of a cliff. You can say (as David Icke does), that viruses do not exist. 

That is hugely self-limiting.

If a virus does not exist you cannot have a bioweapon. If a virus does not exist you cannot have pathogenic priming (so you are forced to reject the rational theories of people like Geert vanden Bossche.

Reality is paradoxical and certainly not straightforward. That may explain why I post material that can be contradictory,

We always need to look at a range of possibilities and see that they may be complementary.

As my friend Margo says, it is a combination plate“.

Certainly, we need to embrace uncertainty and recognise that one form of wisdom is to recognise what WE DON’T KNOW. 

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