In Russia, the right to refuse vaccinations will be abolished and armed vaccination patrols will be created.

In Russia, the right to refuse vaccinations will be abolished and armed vaccination patrols will be created.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Health, by decision of the government, began working together to introduce mandatory vaccination of children in Russia. In addition, vaccination patrols will be created in the country, which will be allowed to carry weapons. According to the decision of the authorities, against the background of an increase in the number of refusals from vaccinations, this trend is recognized as “socially dangerous” and will be solved radically – vaccinating children in case of parental refusal will be carried out forcibly, and propaganda of refusal of vaccinations, including on the Internet, will become a criminal offence. “In many European countries, there is a practice of bringing to justice parents who interfere with vaccination.

It’s time to adopt similar laws in our country, but first of all we should take care not of punishing the guilty, but of vacationing the unvaccinated,” said Mikhail Feldstein, head of the Department of the Ministry of Health for Foreign Cooperation. According to the official, the agency purchased large volumes of Indian vaccines without taking into account the “refuseniks”, however, due to the anti-vaccination movement, some of the goods may expire. The Ministry of Education also joined the discussion of the initiative.

Officials were offered as a first stage and to prepare public opinion to introduce shame boards in schools — under the inscriptions “They have not been vaccinated” or “They can be carriers of diseases” photos of students whose parents refused to vaccinate them will be published. The duty of vaccination patrols will be to carry out operational vaccination in conditions when parents refuse to do so and the use of force is required.

However, such teams will also carry out voluntary vaccination — they will travel to remote villages where there are no own paramedic-obstetric stations. The patrol will include one medic and two representatives of the law. To ensure their personal safety, they will be allowed to carry and use service weapons.

According to the plan, a package of laws on mandatory vaccination will be submitted to the State Duma and adopted in a special order within a few months. Feldstein assured that the government has already received the preliminary consent of the chairmen of the factions, and the vote will be held “without excesses.” The first patrols will begin work even earlier, as soon as the service instructions are developed.

3 thoughts on “In Russia, the right to refuse vaccinations will be abolished and armed vaccination patrols will be created.

  1. I can’t figure this one out. Other countries are in lockstep because of carrot/stick bribes from WHO and IMF.
    Russia does not have an overpopulation problem, so what is their agenda behind this? And will it work on a population who still vividly remembers the days spent “burning in the camps”?
    Stay strong Robin. We appreciate your hard work.

  2. The Russian Federation population is spread across 12 time zones and is heading toward 150 million. Any Russian bent on staying un-vaxxed, especially if already in the hinterlands, just needs to get lost on a long camping trip and live off the land till the pandemic is over (easily said; the virus and mutants may have a long timeline agenda).

    Problem with Russia, its total case count is high, at around 9,800,000, and deaths in area of 280,000.

    Compare this to the shrinking population of about 125.5 million in Japan, an archipelago (set neatly within 1 time zone) that will fit two-and-half times into Pacific-Time-Zone British Columbia in Canada. Japanese police are highly efficient; however, while Japan is an unusually free society, people there tend mostly to be compliant (depending on the issues), and there’s no vaxx mandate there yet, as far as I know. Case total is approximately 1,800,000, and deaths are a little over 18,000. A dangerous place at the juncture of 3 major tectonic plates.

    Meanwhile, British Columbians number around 5,200,000, coronavirus cases stand at 220,000, and deaths not quite 2,400. New Zealand with similar population has mounted far ‘better’ stats: total cases approx. 12,200, and just 44 deaths (as of December 5, 2021). Of course, I haven’t asked at what cost.

    As I posted previously, and my friend SolAmigo has a better understanding of this, that humanity is in the throes of a great shift into the Age of Aquarius. Yes, I know this is astrological, which scientists consider magical thinking, but there’s not time to waste countering skeptics. The collective ethos will dominate over individualism; authority will rule !

    Robin in a much earlier article brought up Carl Gustav Jung, the great proponent of ‘individuation,’ the process whereby one becomes truly an individual by ‘realizing’ the ‘larger Self.’ This is the process (which does not have to be textbook Jungian) that can bring one to a resolution of paradox, of that which seems contradictory in life so all of it can co-exist (magically) in harmony within one.

    Once fully in the process, life slips into a stream; one’s life has given the untoward the slip. Things become truly magical. Fate steps close to one and meets one halfway, because one has left fear and stepped closer to Fate, eventually embracing it. Solutions drop in one’s lap.

    No one needs to know this is going on; the thought police might or might not suspect, but before science and artificial intelligence and all the rest get even close to zombifying the bulk of the populace, life on the globe will be accelerating toward extinction. Rocks and hard places, chaos and a scramble for survival are reasonable to assume.

    Yet, it may not be full-fledged extinction in the worst sense of the term. One will find like-minded friends, and small corners missed by vortexes and ‘atmospheric rivers.’

    1. Forgot to mention a coincidental tie-in to the day, November 22, that Robin posted the article.

      A day I always remember because it goes with the date of the 1963 assassination of John F Kennedy, who was in his 3rd year as the 35th president of the United States. I happened to be right there when the landlady put my newspaper on the shelf at the bottom of the stairs, and I could see the headlines of the event in big black print from the top landing.

      The coincidence is reinforced by the fact that Kennedy was killed by a bullet from a rifle fired by Lee Harvey Oswald, an ex-US Marine, who had defected to the Soviet Union some years before the shooting in Dallas, Texas, and had been staying in Dallas. Further, Oswald was married to a Russian woman, and had lived in Minsk, Belarus. Investigations concluded that Oswald had acted alone, but controversies over the matter have refused to die.

      Well, what does the coincidence have to do with the article? It’s first necessary to point out that SolAmigo, my friend, received some important dreams about 40 years ago. He refuses to describe them, but one in particular did relate to the breakup of the Soviet Union in the late 1980s and Russia would gradually move more and more to the right. Of course, this is what has been happening under Vladimir Putin.

      Currently, Putin has been very active in his relations with the Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko, and recent news has been citing the buildup of Russian forces (approaching 100,000 troops) and equipment along the Ukraine-Russian border, thus leading the US and NATO to suspect a coming invasion of Ukraine for the purpose of annexing the two breakaway provinces at the east end, home to Ukrainians of Russian background. There’s also the fact that Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, long ago was the formational centre of Russian civilization.

      My friend had studied the events in Crimea and Ukraine before and after the downing of Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 on July 17, 2014.

      Now, we are seeing Putin working to tighten control on all aspects of Russian society, its politics and culture, strengthening security around its borders, and extending Russia’s influence further into the Arctic region and, of course, into the space boundaries of our planet.

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