Ineluctable logic

Ineluctable logic

It seems that Guy McPherson’s ineluctable logic is contagious and is affecting his few remaining disciples

My response

“How do you decide who is “deserving”? Sounds more than a bit arrogant to me.”

He comes back

“Donald Trump is not deserving, or do you think he is? A little quick to attack the good people, aren’t you? I’m use to it and so too are the rest of us.”
I had to go back
“WTF does Donald Trump have to do with a BOE?!!!”
Facebook tells me that the original group that I was chucked out of and which required adherence to woke ideology as a condition of membership has 6 followers

2 thoughts on “Ineluctable logic

  1. A very weak tempest in a tiny tea pot.
    He rendered himself irrelevant years ago with the other McPherson.
    Time to let it go.

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