Information and disinformation on the coronavirus in RNZ interview

Information and disinformation on the coronavirus in RNZ interview

journo, Kim Hill tries to 

manipulate epidemiologist 

to say
coronavirus as 

bioweapon is “crazy 

conspiracy theory”

I learned a new term from Rick Wiles of TruNews today – news nazi.

It fits Kim Hill perfectly, right through from her notorious 2003 interview with John Pilger through to the present day.

She personifies the “new style” whereby the ego of the presenter is more important than the information.

Today she interviewed epidemiologist, Prof. Raina MacIntyre.

First, Prof. MacIntyre.

It took me just one answer to a question for me to ascertain that there might be a certain degree of disinformation here – or making things up as she went along.

When asked why we are not seeing children being affected her answer struck me as a tad disingenuous.

She claimed that older people are more susceptible to infection because their immune systems are in decline whereas young children, once they get out of infancy are less susceptible to infection than others.

This struck me as slightly counter-intuitive and contrary to what I know so I looked. Her contention is contradicted by just this one piece of research (quite apart from commonsense and generations of parents’ experience.

This does not explain why men appear from the research to be more susceptible than women.

This is just my own speculation – but I do ask if Asian men are more susceptible than others.

Watch the entire interview on RNZ HERE


Now, here is Kim Hill trying to manipulate the professor into making claims of the POSSIBILITY of the coronavirus being a bioweapon

Not once, but THREE times she comes back whereas prior to that she was content to take Prof. MacIntyre’s answers without challenge.

Go back 17 years. This is Kim Hill’s interview with John Pilger

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