Insanity, lies and misrepresentation

Insanity, lies and misrepresentation

I have two prizes this morning for sheer lunacy that flies in the face of reality. First prize goes to Mike Adams of Natural News.

Global freezing? Arctic ice levels reach 30-year HIGH

Despite ever-rising carbon dioxide (CO2) levels, arctic ice is actually expanding, not melting.


Does he mean ice expanding like this?

The next prize goes to the anonymous people pushing this tripe.

New ‘climate cardiology’ specialty needed to tackle links between climate change and cardiovascular health

A new specialty of climate cardiology is needed to tackle the many links between climate change and cardiovascular health and simultaneously protect patients and the future of the planet, say experts in the open access journal BMJ Global Health


These are the headlines that are everywhere in Britain.


The Daily Mail, which previously pushed climate change denial is now pushing fear-porn.

I can understand ordinary people’s scepticism especially when they point out the following. 

There was a serious heatwave in 2003 in which many people died, especially in France.

But contrast the differing ways it was talked about – back in 2003 and now.

People have correctly pointed out other times when there were serious heatwaves and even (in the case of Australia, memory of serious wildfires were memory-holed).

It seems to me that everything, but everything is social engineering.

Even when they are speaking the truth they are lying because they are always wanting to manipulate the public for some agenda.

So am I surprised when I see the following?

Not a bit.

SKY Collaborated with ‘Nudge Unit’ on Covert Psychological Techniques to Push Climate Change Dogma

Sky U.K. and the Behavioural Insights Team, part-owned by the Cabinet Office, used behavioural science principles, including subliminal messaging, to encourage viewers to comply with the government’s ‘Net Zero’ agenda

Fresh from their success with using psychological warfare on British citizens to push Covid hysteria, the ‘Nudge Unit’ has been secretly collaborating with SKY News on Climate Change Propaganda; so says Toby Young


Now, we move over to Canada. It seems, our ‘friend’ Justin Trudeau has a similar (WEF) agenda to the Dutch prime minister.

LILLEY: Dutch farmer protest sparked by policy Trudeau wants for Canada

Dutch farmers have been blocking highways, supermarkets and food distribution centres for the past week over a policy that is similar to what we could soon see in Canada

One thought on “Insanity, lies and misrepresentation

  1. While all of us who research and dig deeper than mainstream media allows has gravitated from the formerly anti-war Left, toward what is commonly referred to as “the Right”, it bothers me that so many supposed “free thinkers” have swallowed the whole Right package which includes a rejection of the notion of man made climate change.
    Mike Adams is a perfect example.

    So what’s behind this parallax view? Primitive christians cannot accept that they actually do have the power to destroy this planet that God gave us to care for. They want to remain “God’s Children”, and simply cannot wrap their heads around the power they actually have, but prefer remain in a passive state of denial — blaming solar cycles, ice age cycles, and such.
    Simply put, when a colony of yeast reaches the edge of the petrie dish and the colony collapses and dies, whose fault is it? Dimitri Orlov knows. It’s all about access to resources. Are we humans smarter than yeast? I hope so, but fear that we are not.

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