Intense spraying in the skies over Lower Hutt

Intense spraying in the skies over Lower Hutt

I can tell you how it has been for the first 50-60 years of my life.
If we had a prolonged southerly weather system that stayed around for some days it would almost always be followed by beautiful, clear blue skies and in mid-winter by a stiff frost. The air would be crystal clear and we would have a beautiful view of the mountains at the top of the South Island.
But that is no more.
I have not experienced such weather since 2003 and on my trips to Island Bay where we used to live have never been able to see the Kaikoura mountains.
This winter we have had almost a whole month of damp, cold weather and wth the sun not so much as shining through the clouds. The storm has passed but this is what we woke up to this morning.

When we drove out this afternoon this is what we saw.

Not one but several chemtrails.

In fact as time went on the situation only intensified

The people we saw walking around oblivious to this (with their faces in their coffee cups), if asked would probably say these were contrails. But where were the planes? We don’t have the airforce anywhere near us and I didn’t see any planes flying. I have one question for the nay-sayers – if the explanations for all of this are totally innocent how do they explain how it snows aluminium from the sky?

These were some of the clearest examples of chemtrails (or however you want to call them) that I have seen

If I was to take a guess that something untoward is happening in the skies over us that we have not seen before. I do wonder if our “winter” has been largely engineered to give the appearance of having had a winter.
Some crops need a cold snap.


4 thoughts on “Intense spraying in the skies over Lower Hutt

  1. We get saturated with heavy metals what averages out to about every other day in the Boston area.

    I hung a thermometer on my outdoor porch recently – in the shade. Three of the last four days have been 102, 102, and 103 Fahrenheit. These sneaky vile criminal military pilots never spray when we are experiencing excessively hot weather. They don’t want the public below making the connection of brutally hot weather with the appearance of chemtrails overhead. I’ve noticed this for years now.

    I frequently become moderately ill during heavy spraying events. It starts off with itchy eyes, Then itchy nasal passages, Then a warm, scratchy throat. Then fatigue sets it along with mild nausea. If it happens to be very bad, mild trembling in the center of my torso. And in the worst cases, next day hangover from the chemtrails of the previous day with the trembling continuing.

    If you, the reader, experiences these symptoms, you are experiencing the ill effects of the chemtrailing above.

    I recently had to euthanize my beautiful, smart, loving feline companion of ten years. He developed a rapid case of lung cancer. I wasn’t happy about this. I can’t know for certain what caused his lung cancer, but the geoengineering above is the main suspect by far in my eyes. I have seen him badly lethargic all day several times over the years from heavy spraying.

    I would very much rather have had the military jet pilot developed lung cancer and died. In fact, I put more value and worth and concern for a single song bird out back than the life of the military pilot above. I would rather see him of her die than a single song bird out in back of my home. And I’d wish an extra painful lingering death at that.

  2. I can’t remember the last time I have seen a completely unblemished sky over the Hutt. It’s as though they just can’t help themselves.

  3. Hey! That looks like a typical day where I live.
    Using Nasa EOSDIS you can zoom in and see “They” are targeting areas. This junk is turned on-off above populated areas.

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