Interview with Dane Wigington

Interview with Dane Wigington


The following video has been extracted from an item from Natural News. I have transcribed the conversation and annotated it.


Dane Wigington: Thank you so much, Mike, thank you for all your efforts to pull back the curtain and expose the insanity. And our goal at is to point out the biggest hole in the bottom of the boat if we don’t deal with what they’re doing in our skies, which is not just weather warfare, but in fact, biological warfare, we know the elements they’re dispersing are toxic. And we know some of those elements. In the case of graphene, which showed up in almost every single one of our last 100 rain tests. Graphene can be used, as I know, you know, as a biological carrier. So if we can’t breathe without inhaling what they’re dispersing, is that not a fight for life? Well, absolutely.

Mike Adams: At, you have done extraordinary work for many, many years there. I think most of our listeners are somewhat familiar with your site. But I want to encourage them to visit your site again right now. Because you’ve got new information, you’ve got the new film, the dimming, I want to ask you about that. But let’s, let’s start with a big broad brush here. You have been right Dane, in I mean, you and I and many of us were called conspiracy theorists for so many years now people can see it, they see the failure of the ecosystem, the failure of the food crops, the power grid failures, the water system failure in Mississippi, and so on. The systems that support life are failing. And you said long ago, it’s all by design. You were being proven right? Every single day. Can anybody deny it at this point? What are your thoughts?

DW: They can’t rationally deny it., the first full page newspaper ad we paid for out of pocket in Northern California, full page, very expensive ad in 2008. And that ad is posted a that are under a material section so people can see it. But we posted, we paid, for this ad, stating exactly what would happen if these programs were allowed to continue.

And that’s exactly what has happened.

MA: And walk us through what you have observed now happening to the biosphere.

DW: We can’t attribute any weather at this point as being natural. The entire system has been completely derailed.

I know your listeners are quite up to speed, but just for- if we have any new ones, the stated purpose of climate engineering operations, solar radiation management, cloud albedo enhancement- these are the science terms for what we are told, is mitigation for a warming planet.

We in fact, know that what they’re doing can and is only making a bad situation far worse, not better. And why would that surprise us?

And Mike, I know your area of expertise in pharmaceuticals. How many pharmaceutical commercials do we see? Take this for that symptom? And you listen to the side effects and you think who would possibly take that? And that’s the same mentality that it’s happening with the climate.

But there’s, in fact, no benevolence behind these programs. It’s simply a weapon of war. And I would ask your listeners to consider, of course, why wouldn’t those in power use this covert weapon of war with which they can and are bringing populations to their knees without those populations ever even knowing they’re under assault? They can blame it on nature, can’t they?

MA: Oh, that’s that’s the genius, the evil genius of the whole system. But but then, Dane, you know, there are still quite a lot of people, the mainstream-oblivious masses, as I call them, who don’t yet understand that humanity is under attack. So they have a hard time grasping this concept. Like why, why would the government’s want us dead? That’s the number one thing for people to get over.

Once you realize they want you dead, then suddenly, everything makes sense. It’s like, oh, these aren’t random failures. These are engineered takedowns of systems.

But why do you think people have so much trouble understanding what’s happening?

DW: Psychologically, it obliterates their entire perception of reality. And how long, and I know, you know this, how long have they been programmed, and, in a sense, the Stockholm Syndrome, defending your oppressor. And that’s exactly what we have. And then it needs to make sense to people as well.

Mike, how many times have you heard? “Why would they do this to themselves“?

MA: Right.

DW: And when we when we answer that question, it makes more sense to certain people. Power is an addiction; it is the ultimate addiction. Does an addict care if the next fix will kill him? No, they don’t care. We’re dealing with a cancer – a criminal, psychotic, global cancer that will not let go of that power. And how many examples do we have of them doing this to themselves already?

2400 nuclear detonations that contaminated everything on the planet.

MA: Oh, unreal. Yeah, absolutely. One, right. And let’s let me interject here, Dane, to the other thing I hear from people is they say, well, governments wouldn’t kill us off. They need our tax money. And, like, are you kidding? They print money. They don’t need you to make money. They PRINT money

DW: It’s so true. And I answered that question exactly as you just did so many times. That’s simply to mire people in difficulty. They print whatever they want for whatever they want and the rest is just simply again And to be able to mire people in difficulty. So you’re right, yeah, with you 100% on that,

MA: Keep people down. And then also, as you know, the alteration of the biosphere is reducing the nutritional density of the foods that keep humanity alive, are they not?

DW: Absolutely. And this is where, again, when you, with the GMO crops, as well – and I know, again, this is your area of expertise, I know you know this, but they can produce a plant that grows twice as fast with half the nutrition actually, actually worse for you to ingest more calories to get the same nutrition, we’re going backwards, not forwards, and you’re losing the biodiversity of the planet.

I mean, everything they do is wrong.

But on the in the case of the atmosphere, again, if we take one single aspect of what they’re doing – destroying the ozone layer, climate engineering is the single greatest core causal factor of the decimation of the ozone layer that by itself, is an extremely near term existential threat.

We have a NASA former NASA contract engineer that works directly for metering, the UV radiation and how fast it’s increasing. We’re getting UVC on the surface, now extraordinarily high levels of UVC. For your listeners to understand you have UVA, UVB, UVC and X ray.

And we’re told 95% of UV comes in as UVA; we’re told 5% as UVB; and we’re told UVC stops 100,000 feet up.

We’re getting extraordinarily high amounts of that now on the surface. That’s a DNA-damaging spectrum of UV radiation.

We think we might be seeing some trace amounts of X ray. 

That’s indicative of an ozone layer that’s perilously close to collapse. On the current trajectory that could happen in the next 24 months or more. That’s functional collapse – it doesn’t mean it’s all gone. It means it’s functionally collapsed and you can’t grow crops anymore.

And that’s already the case, Mike, in Northern California. You literally can hardly grow anything here –  almost nothing grows.

And the UV is that intense.

MA: You know, as you’re saying that, it reminded me of another story.  I’ve got to run this by you,

I’m sure you’re aware the magnetosphere is also in turmoil. And because of the magnetic north and south. As you know, they have flipped magnetically many times throughout Earth’s history. And as they’re getting ready to flip, they become weaker.

And there’s kind of chaos in the magnetosphere.

And every once in a while then, in the weakened magnetosphere, it allows these very deadly rays to penetrate through and reach the surface of the Earth.

Combined with what you just said, the weakening ozone layer, seems like don’t we have two sort of layers of deadly radiation, chromosomal-altering radiation that is now reaching the surface of the earth?

DW: Yes, both factors matter.

And even in regard to the magnetosphere, and what aspects might be connected to, for example, Project Starfish Prime – the detonation of hydrogen bombs in the magnetosphere.

I mean, think of the insanity of that.

And they they did it anyway – they had no idea what it would do.

So for those who say they wouldn’t do this to themselves.

Again, in addition to the nuclear detonations, we have Fukushima –  I know you know all about how bad that is –  triple nuclear meltdown with no end in sight and no technology to fix it.

We’re building 60 more nuclear power stations right now.

And they’re putting old plants back online.

And again, we’re dealing with psychologically This is straight out of the manual. The common thread, with the various forms of mental deficiency that those in power inevitably have – there’s a common thread – and this is right out of the manual – a near total lack of comprehension as to the consequences of their actions even to themselves.

So for those who don’t want to look at the data don’t want to listen to this kind of dissemination because they’ve convinced themselves that they wouldn’t do that to themselves – that doesn’t hold water.

MA: What’s extraordinary to me about all this, and what you just said, is very powerful and right on the mark. But what’s extraordinary is every time something goes wrong, like a drought or a flood or hurricane, what have you, then the governments of the world tell the people “Oh, that’s why you need to give us more power to control you, to control everything about you, your your use of fuels, your emissions, your transportation, your food, everything, your farming operations, everything, or it’s gonna get worse“.

It’s almost like they have a climate gun to your head. And they’re saying, you know, “if you have freedom, then we’re all gonna die. Therefore, we have to take your freedom”.

I mean, it’s a psychotic relationship.

DW: It seems a little hypocritical when they fly around in their corporate jets, doesn’t it?

MA: Especially so. it does. They have the carbon footprint of 100,000 taxpayers you know,.

DW: Let’s look at hurricanes for a moment, if I may.

Now, we have achieved a new milestone in no cyclonic development so far this year in spite of the predictions there will be above average, but need to need to understand for your listeners, they absolutely control cyclonic development ie., hurricanes, they can make or break them at will.

When we look at Hurricane Harvey, for example, in Texas down in your neck of the woods – how could they know seven days in advance that hurricane Harvey would go where it did and stay there for days?

Because it’s not a forecast. It’s the script.

It’s the scheduled weather and we recorded.

If your listeners search, Hurricane Harvey, we recorded the radio frequency microwave transmissions from the ground base facilities on the US mainland that held that storm in place, kept it from coming on shore, because those transmissions have a repelling effect.

With an air mass that is saturated with electrically-conductive nanoparticles,which these air masses are, they’re seeding the hell out of them with the climate engineering operations. And they can then repel that air mass and keep it from coming on short.

And we record the actual transmission animations interacting with that storm.

You have to see it to understand it. That’s how much they can control the cyclones. And they keep the strength down as they’re crossing the Atlantic because they’re more difficult to steer, they have to do that with sea based X band radar. You see, Mike, the giant golf ball on an oil derrick –  looks like you’ve seen that,- that sea-based based X band radar. But they are absolutely manipulating hurricanes. And as you know, they’ve been doing this.

They started in 1947, with Project Cirrus.

MA: So just for for listeners who aren’t familiar with this, there are very powerful ground based transmission systems that can steer the storms through the mechanism you just described.

But there are also ship based mobile units that can maneuver into position to steer the storms as well. For listeners, just two days ago, the mainstream media was reporting on how China is controlling the weather there with seeding cloud seeding operations to try to make it rain because of severe drought and so on.

Dubai has, you know, famously has a massive weather control program, you know. 

Dane – I know 10 years ago, when you would say weather control people like oh, you’re in looneyville now. It’s just it’s all over the mainstream media all the time.

Like it’s always been here.

What we tried to do in the Dimming documentary, which is available for free, on the homepage of that  the moment we were done, even though we had a great deal of expense in that movie, we were simply here to try to bring this issue to light.

But we have former US Air Force generals, two of them Major General and a Brigadier General, former US presidential cabinet members, former Canadian Minister of Defense, Canadian Premier.

We have former government scientists US Forces, Fish and Game.

And most importantly, as I mentioned to you off the air, we, with great difficulty and expense, acquired a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration flying lab, put top scientists in it, flew it to altitude, sampled fine, heavy aircraft, what they’re emitting in our skies, processed those samples at one of the world’s most renowned environmental testing institutions and found exactly what we knew we would find.

Aluminum nanoparticles – the primary element in geoengineering patents –   that’s what they’re spraying on us amongst polymers, graphene and surfactants.

But the bottom line is, there’s no debate about this. there’s no theory – it’s not hypothesis or conjecture.

The proof was in that film period. Can’t be argued.

MA: So let’s let’s talk about that film. It’s called the Dimming. And this this came out fairly recently.

DW: It’s been out for just over a year. Facebook immediately censored that film.

MA: I’m not surprised.  It’s free to watch on your website And is it on other other platforms? Where can people find that?

DW: Many we hope you know, they can share from our site but we have a BItchute site on that as well. But it is on YouTube, still at and we encourage the link to be shared from our side because again, Facebook is aggressively censoring that film.

MA: Well, and and by the way, I’m gonna say this publicly.

The next time you get ready to do a film, my platform Brighteon on we are about to launch film grants. So we could be able to help fund certain acts film right and get it on Brighteon. And we want to help filmmakers that are telling the truth.

DW: Let’s keep a line of communication open. And yeah, we do need to I think it is on on your platform. So more to Mike I’m sorry, should have mentioned that. But it’s it’s because none of us feel good about the other platforms, as you know, but we’re trying to reach as many as we can. So it is still there, you know, but it isn’t
sure if you watch.

MA: I bet you lots of your fans have probably posted it on Brighteon on without either one of us knowing about it.

DW: Well, that’s all good. And we all we want to do is reach everybody we can possibly reach with that hard proof that climate engineering is absolutely going on. And as you mentioned earlier, very correctly so, for example, what the Chinese are doing.

Another factor that most don’t know about climate engineering operations is their ability to create highly toxic short term surface cool downs with what’s called chemical ice nucleation for weather modification.

Mike, have you noticed how many traffic accidents happened, how whenever there’s a flash snow somewhere, everybody’s crashing and everybody and 80 car pile ups?. Not that we wouldn’t expect snow to be slick- of course we do.

But I grew up in snow and the material that falls on us now is very different.

It’s full of surfactants. It is what  makes what makes soap soap.

And the bottom line is that keeps the particles from coagulating together when they’re dispersed them air for crap (?). That’s why they use them.

Many people have noticed the foaming rain, going down gutters and stuff looks like someone dumped a box of soap into the rain.

Those are surfactants.

It’s in the snow. And it makes it unbelievably slick. It’s a very unnatural.

So we have that happening.

And if your listeners search back to the Chinese part, if they search Chinese scientists create artificial snowstorm, they’ll find Fox News covered it Popular Science covered it, NBC ABC.

But they did a billion dollars worth of damage to Beijing on the third trip on the third time, announcing this.

Nobody was happy.

They went underground with it.

But the bottom line is that the Chinese are doing it on that scale of course, we’re doing it here.

And that’s what’s happening.

Did you see Denver about last spring, went from 85 degree all time record high to single digits of snow in less than 24 hours.

Did you see that?

MA: I did not see that. But I did see these crazy insane floods twice in Las Vegas, which makes no sense.

DW: But doesn’t make sense if we look at nature. And it doesn’t make sense to you, right?  But on the cooldowns, we encourage people to search the engineering winter section of  

It’s important to understand.

That’s a massive aspect of climate engineering that they’re going to fire up again very soon. And that’s how these flash cooldowns are occurring.

It’s not nature.

On Vegas – you saw how low the lakes were right?. So they gained much more publicity – that was getting too much attention.

I would argue they didn’t want that much attention. They don’t want to panic the herd yet.

So miraculously (and they pumped and they control the spigot), they pumped massive amounts of monsoonal moisture into that exact drainage region that goes into Lake Mead, and they just raised the water level in Lake Mead, in the middle of summer, three feet.

Because of that,

MA: The casinos were flooded it was so bad, on the on the Vegas strip

DW: Yeah.

MA:So let me ask you this question then.  In addition to global scale efforts to try to destroy this biosphere that keeps humanity alive, but and also all the animals and the ecosystems in the marine, the aquatic ecosystems –  are affected as well.

But don’t nations use the same technologies as weapons of war against each other to cause famine, in China or China using tech to cause famine in America, things like that?.

Isn’t that going on as well?

DW: That’s a that’s a profoundly important question and I think, a complex one.

So let’s look at the documents we have at   One is titled Massive US Senate Document. listeners can find it that way that particular documents 800 pages long.

In that document US Senate Document, they expressly described the cooperation between all nations, including adversarial nations, ie Russia, China, US, on these programs, because you can’t just geoengineer over your own country.

So they specifically call for cooperation on these (just as they have clearly with COVID, Mike.

They all push the same narrative on COVID, didn’t they?

So the cooperation certainly was there.

But as you just correctly brought up, at this point – we’re so late in the game -and the planet’s ability to support life is waning rapidly.

Climate engineering, a huge part of that – at this point. Are they, like Mafia families that sometimes cooperate, now beginning to infight?

Are we now beginning to see forms of weather warfare developing between nations where there was former cooperation, not for the good of the whole, not for the good of humanity, but for their own purposes.

But are they now in-fighting? And is this now escalating to new levels?

I think that’s a good question you asked.

MA: The danger of that is double fold, At one level, they are drastically reducing the human carrying capacity of the existing biosphere on a planetary scale, but then they can accelerate that on one continent, or one region, to say, “oh, let’s, let’s make sure those people die faster.” And then that country’s like, “No, we’re gonna make sure you die faster”.

And then it’s this global suicide cult of massive destruction and human suffering. And I think that’s where we are.

MA: And I would agree.

What we can say definitively of this,  the targeting we see of crop-producing regions is so consistent, that there is no chance that that is just a consequence of climate engineering.

It has to be a target, they’re so consistently hitting crops.

In fact, let’s look at India’s wheat crop for one that was expected to be a bumper crop this year that they thought might make up for some of the Ukraine losses.

At the critical window of the growing period, massive high pressure heat domes were set up over that region and wiped out half the crop.

And we’re seeing the same thing across the board, either hail, flooding, high pressure heat dome – but at the critical points of crop production, they’re being wiped out, so systematically that we cannot attribute that to any thing else other than objective.

MA: And the key methods that they’re using for this are a combination of spraying, plus ground -based broadcasts. What are the key technologies that they’re using for this?

DW: Very important question again, thank you. So there’s many reasons for example, let’s use the western US where we’ve been droughted out since 2007.

In fact, the particular location that I’m in Mike on the east side of Lake Shasta since 2007, we are over 500 inches of rain short.

So how does the forest even survive like that?

So with ionosphere heater installations, but for your listeners like HAARP that’s one example in Alaska. 

You can look at a photograph of this, this is a weapon of mass destruction that can transmit three and a half million watts into the ionosphere – that’s an electrically charged layer of the atmosphere. That creates an electrical chain reaction super heats, the ionosphere pushes the atmosphere up and down.The downward push,to answer your question of how they can manipulate and block rain or manipulate the systems. That downward pressure grading a high pressure heat dome.

And do you notice how often they use that term now – high pressure heat dome.

And there’s about 100 facilities like HAARP around the world.

HAARP is the most powerful, but there are many other facilities like it. And they have kept this what they now termed the ridiculously – resilient ridge.

File:Triple R NDJFMAM 2012 2015 printable.pdfOver the West, we have satellite images of perfectly circular- It looks like a barrier out in the Pacific and no cloud formation will enter that perfectly circular barrier.

We have shocking satellite images that NASA has taken off their site by the way, since we captured them, they’ve taken them off.

Those images are also in the film The Dimming.

So they can block the precipitation from even entering an entire region.

And when that air is compressing down, the heat doesn’t escape at night, so nighttime temperatures stay far higher. And the compressing air generates heat by itself.

So you have extraordinarily hot temperatures.

What else does that do?

That heat dome in the Northern Hemisphere, the upper level winds rotate clockwise like a pulley around that heat dome.

So what’s happening right now- let’s take this week right now – you know, we’re in for a record heat wave in the West, an all-time record heat wave, in many respects, a massive heat dome rotating clockwise.

Pacific moisture that should have come into California is now being directed clear around and guess what’s going to happen.

It’s going to flood Alaska, Alaska is scheduled to experience flooding this week on top of a very wet recent month.

And that moisture that should have come to us is going to them.

They’re chemically – nucleating, that moisture, cooling down that airmass as it rotates the rest of the way around that clockwise rotating pulley down into the Eastern US where it’s keeps many of those regions cooler and wetter.

Frying the West to cool the East.

And it’s important to understand the the biggest US population lives in the eastern half.

So when you keep them cooler and wetter, they’re really not sure what all the concern is, about the state of the climate, because it’s not that bad where they’re at.

So you’re pacifying populations until the brutal, bitter end.

Second way they can block rainfall over California, or the west or Portugal, or Spain. If they put too many condensation nuclei, too many particles into the moisture ,the droplets don’t combine and fall as rain.

So Mike, if you notice those days where total cloud canopy, featureless, but no rain falling?

MA: Yes, yes.

DW: Lots, lots more of those days here. That’s what that is – too many condensation nuclei they can. They can migrate that moisture keep it from falling and they can seed with larger condensation nuclei somewhere else and it will fall – in a deluge typically.

MA: Is the interim goal of this the destruction of the food supply?

Because you know that I mean, I guess the big question is, in your view, what, to what end? Is all of this? Is it depopulation? Is it causing mass migration? And you just mentioned they can appease the high population density centers on the east coast by keeping the weather relatively normal there, while devastating the regions of America that grow the food that feed our people on the East Coast.

MA: There you go, thank you. Thank you right on the nail. They’re slaughtering the breadbasket.

They’re tearing orchards out here with excavators, Mike.

Nothing will grow here.

I mean, it’s if people saw how bad it is here, they would be shocked food shelves are going to be empty soon.

So that’s exactly right.

It’s it’s keeping them oblivious, while simultaneously knocking out the food supply, exactly what they’re doing.

And again, it’s important to understand government’s realising in the in the planet’s damaged state, against the backdrop of climate engineering, which has inflicted a massive part of that damage – populations can’t be sustained in the planet’s current state, (and again, climate engineering, the single most destructive human activity of all), so they are quite simply looking at populations at this point as a radically- increasing liability.

I think the dots should be very clear at this point: with the Warp Speed COVID, everything, they are trying to thin the herd as fast as they can.

MA: Well, let me add something to this that you may have already made this connection. But if not, I think you’ll find it fascinating.

When you can’t rely on sunlight, If energy is affordable, you can grow food indoors using hydroponic systems and indoor automation systems, you can grow a lot of food very cheaply when electricity is 10 cents a kilowatt hour.

But it’s no longer that.

So I mean, look at France right – now they’re paying $1 a kilowatt hour for electricity.

At $1 a kilowatt hour (and California has headed that direction – it’s not there yet, but it’s headed that direction), at that price, you can’t grow food indoors, because it’ll cost a fortune.

So if they attack the sun and the energy at the same time, then they eliminate all food options.

DW: You bring up a very important subject line.

And let’s weave that into a little bit even a wider perspective.

Climate intervention operations, decimate all three forms of alternative energy – sun, wind, and hydro.

They’re cutting off the moisture to regions like the West where you have huge hydro production, the Hoover Dam, the Glen Canyon Dam, Shasta Dam, Oroville Dam.

All of these are now barely able to produce anything.

You also blocked direct sunlight.

That’s what got me into this battle, my background in renewable energy. My home was on the cover of the world’s largest renewable energy magazine. I have solar wind and hydro at my home in the wilderness. And I was losing massive amounts of solar uptake from wherever these aircraft were emitting. And thus, I began to test my precipitation and realized this was going on. I’ve been fighting this battle for 20 years since.

Because they put these types of clouds we just mentioned these featureless cloud canopies – that radically affects convection. That lowers wind flow over regions where there’s they’re setting up wind farms, thus, reducing wind power all three forms.

So think of how insane it is for the so-called climate science community to be advocating for climate engineering, pretending it’s not already going on and has been for 75 years and never acknowledging that “oh, yeah, by the way, this completely nullifies all this green energy” that we we think, we claim is going to save us which it’s obviously not going to.

So think of the hypocrisy in that equation, Mike.

MA: That’s extraordinary, a really powerful point. So as we’re being told that you must dismantle the fossil fuel infrastructure, the coal fired power plants, and you must invest in let’s say, wind power.

And by the way, I know people in Texas who go install wind turbines in North Texas, that’s their job, because I don’t know you probably know this, but the listeners may not Texas is one of the primary wind producers of electricity in the United States, by the way, and so as Oklahoma.

But as you’re saying, Dane, they change the wind patterns, should they do that, when they do that, all those wind farms become useless.

All the solar farms are impacted.

DW: They’re doing it. It’s happening. And what do you have the other extreme too, they can extreme or create extraordinary wind gust scenarios, which also damaged the turbans and for your listeners that …Mike, have you ever by chance seen a film called “Planet of the Humans“?

MA: No, I haven’t seen that film.

DW: I would recommend that to you and your listeners. What is that is about?

That is about just how non- renewable “renewable energy” is and the environmental communities tried to hide this film.

And again, I’m off grid, This is my background, it’s, you know. There are some benefits, certainly.  I mean, solar panels are better than outright carbon fuel burning, if you can do it.

But there’s so many negatives.

It’s certainly not a saving platform at all.

But that film focuses on, again, all the negative aspects of so called renewable energy.

And in that film at the 40 minute mark, they show a field of an empty field of blowing sand in the middle of Mojave desert, where the first solar plant of its type one stood.

I worked on that plant in the early 80s.

And I can see the deficiencies in it, then, of course, now it’s gone because it was dysfunctional. But nobody talks about this.

And so that film is a very good education on just how non renewable renewable energy is.

Environmental groups didn’t want to talk about it just like they don’t want to talk about climate engineering because they don’t want to lose their 501(c) three nonprofit.

Total hypocrisy, Greenpeace, Sierra Club WWF – all of them.

Our attorneys at geoengineeringwatch have spoken to their’s.

They want to address climate engineering, because they don’t want to lose their nonprofit bonanza.

MA: Yeah, exactly.

And in California, where you are, people are being told, go out and buy electric vehicles. And then they’re also being told, but you can’t charge them between four and 9pm, because of the grid, but even more importantly, those lithium ion battery packs that power those vehicles can only handle a couple of 1000 cycles.

And after that, you got to ditch them, and then buy a whole new battery pack, which we we’ve been learning can cost anywhere between 15 – $30,000, which is sometimes the cost of the whole car.

DW: Exactly, exactly.

MA: And then there’s a landfill of all these lithium batteries that go into landfill, or maybe there’s some reclamation effort, but I haven’t heard about that.

And then all these other countries like Chile, where the lithium mining is going on, which is water intensive to an insane degree, they’re getting aquatic destruction because of the water for the lithium mining to go into the damn EV’s in California that you can’t charge.

DW: You’re completely right on all counts.

And about those batteries. Yeah, you can’t just get rid of them.

I mean, there there’s a process to get rid of those batteries. Now speaking as from a home power system, I had to replace battery banks about three years ago.

There was one group in the entire US that would take those batteries, and it’s quite a process to get them taken because they’re highly toxic.

And how renewable is that?

And not only do we have all these problems, the lithium ion batteries can go kaboom.

MA: Oh, yeah.

DW: All right. Sure. You’ve seen anything the buses igniting, and that’s happening in in residential structures as well with the lithium batteries being used.

And there’s also other factors, first in the the massive wind turbines with the 60 meter long blades, that they’re burying in landfills, because they can’t recycle them.

And you have chemicals, gases, like hydrofluoric acid used in solar panel production.

How many times have you heard a green group mentioned that?!

Oh, by the way, hexofluorine is 17,000 times more potent a greenhouse gas than CO2. 17,000 times. They don’t talk about that do they?

(Ed. is it this?)

Newly discovered greenhouse gas ‘7,000 times more powerful than CO2’

MA: No, nor the mining of the metals that go into the solar panels, nor the limited lifespan of a solar panel?

I mean, if you get 20 years, maybe, that’s great, but what what then? Where does it go then? Who’s going to reclaim those metals?

Or does it end up in a landfill, which means the acidic rain is going to dissolve those minerals into the runoff and so you’re gonna have heavy metals in your aquifers, right?

DW: Correct on all counts, and none of these people again addressing the climate intervention, elephant in the sky that’s destroying the planet’s life support systems.

If we don’t deal with that none of this nothing else will matter.

No other cause no other objective, nothing will matter.

We don’t stop what’s happening in our skies and allow the planet to respond on its own on the very near term, nothing else will matter.

That’s why we’re focused on climate engineering because it’s the biggest hole in the bottom of the boat. If we don’t deal with it, the boat goes down. Aall of the points become moot.

On the toxicity in the rain it’s important for people to understand how that affects soils – and I know this is your arena so you know this already.

When that rain ,with aluminum nanoparticulates in it, for example, if it’s falling on soils that are naturally alkaline, the effect is far less decimating then crop fields that are generally acidic, naturally acidic, forest areas like we have in the west where the soil acidity here was 54, 56, and I have the USDA – that’s our natural soil acidity here -and that’s what these organisms are adapted to.

So, I have the USDA original soil baselines of measurements in my possession. I got them from a contact at USDA. These are 80 years old, before this contamination.

And now testing in the field with USDA scientists that I know we are seeing a pH change of 10 to 12 times toward alkaline. We’re seeing from 54 to 66.

And these organisms simply can’t take that. On top of the aluminum itself, which is highly toxic to root systems, everything in this forest is dying – like everything.

MA: Well, you’re exactly right. For the listeners, pH changes completely alter the absorbability of nutritive metals to the root systems and the bacteria that are part of that ecosystem.

I mean, you’re right – and if it happens too quickly, the plants can’t adapt.

Nor can the microbiology of the soil adapt

DW: Completely correct.

The soil microbiome is done here. It’s done. There’s nothing left. The whole ecosystem below the the surface of the dirt, which is larger, naturally should be then than above ground, it’s done.

It’s absolutely gone.

MA: So here’s, let me throw this angle at you here, which is about the denial of where we are in all of this. So let me give you this example.

Las Vegas as a city, even though Lake Mead just went up a little bit, the trend is so devastating that within a few years, Las Vegas will have no water unless something reverses quite dramatically here.

And yet, banks right now, will finance homes in Las Vegas for 30 years.

It means that the financial system has no idea of how little time we have left because the value of real estate in a city that has no water and effectively no infrastructure, is zero.

And yet, this is the fate that awaits not only Las Vegas, but cities like Los Angeles and many others as well. What would you say?

How can the financial industry be so blind to what’s coming?

DW: Those are all profoundly important questions.

I would argue that those in power, those that print the money are doing everything they can to feed the normalcy bias of the population, to keep them oblivious to what’s unfolding until the last possible moment.

So on that note, regarding Vegas, I’m not sure if you may have seen this, but we posted a a video titled Drilling under Lake Mead to drain it to the Last Drop.

MA: Yes, I’ve seen that.

DW: Okay, so that’s the the 24 foot wide tunnel, like a bathtub drain to Lake Mead so that Las Vegas can suck out every last drop and the water will no longer flow over the Hoover Dam.

So that’s the kind of provision they took.

How do they know to start on that project 20 years before this happened?.

So again, their intent to do what they’ve done to the West, which by the way, is counter to all climate modeling, minus the geoengineering issue. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), – that’s the largest scientific panel on any subject in human history – and again, this is people who are just paid to mask the severity of what’s unfolding –  the greatest increase in precipitation, based on the earth changes that were occurring, would have should have been exactly where I live in the West – INCREASE in precipitation, not decrease.

Once you add climate engineering, and they are absolutely cutting off our precipitation

That’s not speculation. It’s not theory, It’s not hypothesis. We can see him doing it on satellite imagery. There’s no question meteorologists know this is going on, they won’t talk about it’s a bad career decision.

We have an illegal federal gag order on all National Weather Service and all NOAA employees.

Why in the world would you gag the weatherman if it wasn’t something massive to hide?

So again, these agendas are being playing out, as you correctly stated. They’re knocking out food production here, period.

There’s no question they’re doing that.

So we we at this point, back to your original question of why would the banks finance this and so forth?

I would argue everything they do right now is to try to pacify populations, make them think there’s a future when there’s not to keep them oblivious until we hit at full velocity.

MA: And people need to realize, too, you know, you mentioned a few minutes ago that excavators are ripping out orchards in California and folks need to understand you can’t regrow an orchard next crop season.

You know, an avocado tree takes 8 -10 years to really start producing almond trees. You think about the orchards, citrus trees. These are not overnight things.

It takes a decade to bring them back and they’re they’re being wiped out.

So there’s not it’s not even a case of, “oh, it’ll rain more next year and everything’s gonna be fine”.

It’s done.

DW: Okay, that’s, that’s a really important statement also you just made let’s add to that.

Not only if conditions were still conducive to those organisms to regrow, it would take that long, which by itself is a hurdle we can’t clear.

But let’s add this to the equation.

They don’t grow now, period.

And so let me give you an example.

I could plant – because I was heavily engaged in habitat restoration before I started this battle – I wanted to work in solitude in the forest for the rest of my days. I couldn’t do that knowing what I knew I had to face this battle.

But while I was doing habitat restoration, I could plant by myself, about 250 saplings a day, easily 250 Those are trees that are from seeds from this region, they’re adapted this region.

I had about a 95% success rate, meaning 95% of those trees would make it through the first year.

Success right now, ZERO.

Nothing makes it through the first year

These forests are not coming back.

MA: That’s, that’s horrifying.

But let me ask you this…..We’re starting to see the infrastructure failures that will take first world nations into the dark ages. So, weather control is what’s doing this.

A couple of obvious examples. in Jackson, Mississippi, municipal water system down.

180,000 people have no water, no toilets, that can be flushed – not in any building residential government universities.



Because it rained. 

And then California – Power grid unreliable, “don’t charge your vehicles” ” don’t use appliances, turn off the lights“, –

Literal Dark Ages.


Because of the weather.

China crop failures,  because of the weather.

South America crop failures, because of the weather.

All of these things, but and when I say weather, of course I mean geoengineering, right?

That’s the root cause. But,we’re going to start, more and more Americans are well, and people all over the world are going to be living with infrastructure failures, where your power grid doesn’t work, your water system doesn’t work. local farms can’t grow food, energy is not available . You can’t survive. You’re going to have refugees fleeing to survivable places.

DW: If there are any.

And the point you brought up again that is key to this entire equation, and a reminder of the basic premise I stated earlier – climate engineering is the crown jewel weapon to the military industrial complex with which they can bring populations to their knees exactly as you just described, without those populations ever even knowing they were under assault.

It’s been going on for decades.

If we look at regions in Africa, this is what’s been occurring there. The climate engineering operations have brought countries to their knees by cutting off their precipitation.

Those countries are forced to allow US military bases in and that’s that’s how it’s done. And it’s again been occurring for decades.

Let’s look at 911.

Mike, you remember, a week after 911 former NATO Supreme Commander General Wesley Clark was given a list of countries that are going to be targeted right after 911 a list that clearly existed.

So if we look at every one of those countries, they all underwent a once in 1,000 year drought. 

The statistical mathematical odds of every one of those countries being subjected to a once in 1000 year drought exactly like California is right now, exactly like Europe is right now is a statistical zero if we’re talking about nature and natural cyclical occurrence.

We have the leaders of those countries in the case of Iran on the floor of the UN stating NATO is cutting off our precipitation – we can see them on radar doing it.

So again, this is this is a covert crown jewel weapon to the military industrial complex, and now we’re being targeted.

And to add to that, we found and posted about three weeks ago a US military document titled Forest fires as a Military Weapon

 It is140 pages long, and formerly a classified document.

And as alarming as that document is in and of itself, describing exactly the kind of pretreatment for forest we see happening here – sprayed with desiccant particles, which is what aluminum is, cutting off precipitation, drying out the foliage to make sure those forests burn with maximum ferocity.

What is even more alarming, (and they describe it taking up to one or two years to do that), specific regions are cited with specific studies on the best burn window for those regions, regions inside the continental US, including Mount Shasta, including Spain, including Portugal, including France, regions that are all on fire, right now.

So, again, how deep is this go?

How diabolical is it?

And this is a US military document.

We’re only asking people to look at this data and question everything you thought you knew.

MA:  But before you go, Dane, here’s a question that maybe a lot of people are thinking. … But why are you still living where you live? Given that you are observing the total collapse of the ecosystem?

What’s your plan?

DW: The question is certainly fair enough.

The entire ship is going down. There is truly no place to hide if we don’t deal with that, what’s happening in our skies, if I was to try to relocate, it would take me out of this battle for a very extended time.

We have, so far, good groundwater here. And I have ample fire protection that even if – hope the region around me doesn’t burn – because most half of this valley is burned in the last few years, I do have the means of protecting my structure.

And again, I hope I’m not looking at the surface of the Moon soon, but I simply can’t leave this battle. I can’t.

And what I would ask, and I know you have a vast following Mike, I’m very grateful for your profoundly important attention on this issue. At, we desperately need help bringing this issue to light. And everyone has an immense amount of power in doing that, if they would just arm themselves with credible data. And we try to offer printed materials at less than our cost less than our cost of producing and shipping. And that picture is worth 1000 words, if you will, our our 20 page booklets and our scannable cards that go right to the Dimming documentary. We now have shirts that we don’t sell anything else, we have shirts that have stopped “climate engineering, investigate”. And that strikes up a conversation. And Mike, you know, you’ve been at this a long time. If you can strike up a conversation with somebody, you can plant a seed, right? Yes. And that’s what we’re trying to do.

So we we just point out that all of us are needed in this equation to to bring this to light the intentional intervention with the planet’s life support systems, toxic intervention, toxifying our soils or waters (again, that’s your area of expertise, I realise, and and we now know from peer reviewed study three weeks ago, we have no rain on the planet that safe to drink.

So much is related to climate engineering.

Everything we see there is in some of the study, not just the PFAS forever chemicals, but other elements that aren’t being disclosed.

It’s ubiquitous around the planet.

And one final statement to put this into context. I know this will mean a lot to you, because this is your arena of study,

From our last 100 precipitation tests over single US state, which we’re not disclosing at the moment because of the institution there that might get caught up in this, we extrapolated the amount of material in each of those precipitation samples and and calculated how much material would be dropped globally, given the coverage we know is occurring.

And the figure – this is very extensive work we put into this – but it appears that no less than 60 to 70 million tons of these particles are being sprayed into our skies annually,

60 to 70 million tons of highly toxic nanoparticles.

MA: That’s that’s a lot of flights to accomplish that which means this is a heavily funded global operation involving multiple countries. I’m really glad you have that number.

Let me add something else to this. You mentioned the the toxic rainwater the and that’s the PFAS chemicals that have been covered recently in the news.

And you know, Dane, because you know so much about the evaporation of water cycles on Earth, you know, that most of the humidity in the air comes from evaporation of ocean water.

And the PFAS chemicals are not that highly concentrated in the ocean water.

So the PFAS chemicals are coming, are They’re being emitted they’re being put into the air through, perhaps factories or perhaps spraying but that didn’t come from the ocean floor. because.

That came from land emissions that are putting it there.

DW: Yes. Atmospheric dispersions? Yes

MA: Exactly, exactly. And why?

These chemicals specifically attack your liver health, your liver, which is the primary detoxification organ of your body that can help you get rid of various forms of aluminum, by the way, see? So it’s kind of like they’re taking out your liver or suppressing your liver, so that you can’t detox from the other vectors of exposure that are happening through everything from vaccines and medicine and pharmaceuticals and food and plastic, chemical food, food packaging chemicals, you know, the plasticizers, the hormone disruptors, all of that and what’s in well, water, which is so incredibly toxic.

You know, Dane, we’ve tested well, water. Everything is in that because the aquifers are so contaminated.

We found hundreds of chemicals in well water, whereas rainwater -very, very few.

But this one toxic one is obvious, but it’s a total assault on human physiology, not just food.

DW: It is and you’re correct, of course, on the ocean evaporation factor. So what are they doing to diminish that ocean evaporation even further.?

We have polymer fibers that we know are in climate engineering patents.

They’re showing up all over the globe, you know that from the top of Mount Everest to the North Pole, South Pole.

When you coat the sea surface with those polymer elements, it radically thwarts evaporation, radically.

When you have these canopies to block direct sunlight, that affects the impact of sunlight on water molecules and thus reduces evaporation still further.

And so in all of this, they’re reducing the evaporation we desperately need from the ocean.

It has to rain more on a warming planet.

7% more moisture is held in the atmosphere for every degree of warming.

And the whole climate so-called science community is not addressing this.

How can we have more overall protracted drought on a planet that they tell us is warming still, and it is ?

How can we have less overall precipitation, when the laws of physics say we must have more?

If we don’t have more?

And yes, we have deluges in places but we have more overall, protracted drought.

That can’t happen.

Unless there’s a massive elephant in this equation, we’re not being told about and that elephant is climate engineering.

It’s affecting the ocean evaporation.

MA: Okay, one more thing. But, dimming the sun, and then the polymers on the surface of the ocean that you just mentioned – and we’ve done a lot of stories on the microplastics pollution in the ocean.

Microplastics on finger

But folks – I’m not sure people realize this – by far the most oxygen that is generated on planet earth comes from, I believe, the phytoplankton in the oceans.

And so if you dim the sun and put the polymers in the ocean water, you’re blocking the ability of this ecosystem to also produce oxygen that that we need, that all mammals need to survive everywhere around the planet.

Is that not the case?

DW: Completely correct. Thank you for bringing all that up. And on top of everything you just brought up climate engineering, the destruction it is inflicting on the ozone layer, releasing incredibly intense UV radiation that’s hitting the sea surface now.

Like the plankton have to feed in the upper layers of the water column, because as you correctly stated, they have with … (?)

And the UV radiation is slaughtering them.

MA: Oh, my God. Oh, my God, Dean, You’re freaking me out, man.

DW: I wish it wasn’t I wish this wasn’t the case. But we’ve been monitoring this for nearly a decade. We’ve been screaming about it.

The insect populations, you know, globally are down 80 to 90%.

MA: I know the pollinators are collapsing. The insect biomass is collapsing. The soil microbiology is collapsing in many areas.

This is this is a global kill.

That’s what this is.

DW:  It is and we have now we have peer-reviewed study from the Atlantic on plankton populations.

As of about four weeks ago, peer reviewed science study – plankton populations down 90%, and we think the other oceanic regions are in a similar condition. How long are we going to last without plankton? No plankton, no people?

(Ed.This has been denied by every “factchecker” on the internet, which indicates it is probably true).

That’s right. I mean, and we’ve seen the collapse of the ocean fisheries.

So all that ocean food that most of human history has depended on is collapsing like never before, for the same reason.

I mean, it’s the food chain. You kill the plankton you kill aquatic ecosystems.

DW: Exactly. That’s the that’s the foundation for the entire oceanic food chain.

MA: Well, Dane, I, I would say thank you for joining me, but now I can’t sleep. And you have put too much into my head.

That is worrisome.

And but everything that you’ve said here, you have articles and science to back it up. You’re not just throwing things out. I mean, you’ve studied this extensively for years,

DW: At We don’t say it if we can’t prove it.

MA: Well, well said, Dane, I, God bless your day. And I got to thank you for sounding the alarm on all this. We’re going to ask everybody to share this interview everywhere. repost it on your own channels, reposted on other platforms, get the word out, put it on thumb drives and give it to people you know, whatever it takes. But Dane, thank you for all your work and all your your effort for humanity. You’re a true hero of this planet. Thank you.

DW: Just trying to play my part Mike in the same gratitude back to you. This is a team effort. All of us spokes in the wheel, all of us necessary to make it roll. So again, my deepest regard for every activist and individual that is doing their best to do their part. It’s going to take all this.

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