Is a meat shortage coming to UK?

Is a meat shortage coming to UK?

Something to consider.

Is a meat shortage coming to UK? Why would packers stop ordering millions of plastic trays unless this was in the works?  

From a contact:

“I’m working in a factory which makes plastic trays for meat. The factory is in Ireland, however, 80% of production goes to UK. In last 13 weeks, tray sales were going down. We have 6 machines making trays. Since the last few weeks, 2-3 machines were stopped during shifts. Next week all machines will be stopped for 3 days because our warehouse is full of pallets with production. This is the first time in recent years when machines will be down for 3 days. Usually when September approaching we had busy times. But not this year. Note. One machine during a 12-hour shift is making around 200 000-250 000 trays. So in 24 hours 6 machines making around 2.5 mln trays.

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