Is Boris Johnson behind the attacks on the Zaporozhzhia NPP

Is Boris Johnson behind the attacks on the Zaporozhzhia NPP

Energy inspectors have gone to Ukraine to analyze who is firing on the nuclear plant in Zaporizhzhia but they were mysteriously held up by the Ukrainian army. Meanwhile, another attack in the region came from nearby boats and some are saying that this was led by British special forces influence. What is going on here?

This is the RUMOR of what happened at Energodar. But it seems to fit the details.
Boris Johnson himself was pushing for this insanity: A group of British-trained Ukraine commandos would stage an amphibious raid on Energodar, as a beachhead for a larger attack group.

Their plan was to take the International Atomic Energy agency Inspectors as hostages (!!) and mine the Zaporozhya nuclear power plant (!!!).

Get this — they would PRETEND to be Russian commandos, so they could blame it on the Russians.


They intended to use these hostages and the fear of a nuclear disaster to force Russia to evacuate from all of Ukraine.

This plan would imply, of course, that they intended to kill the IAEA inspectors, so as to prevent them from later telling people that it had been a ruse.


The Russians appear to have foiled this whole operation, destroying 47 commandos — but capturing at least two, and an additional two who are in critical condition.

If they survive, the Russians will have four witnesses who can testify to this insanity.


Whoever thought that this was a rational, reasonable plan is beyond desperate. This is insanity on a major scale. It’s global nuclear blackmail. And the current information points to MI6 and Boris Johnson.

According to the current RUMOR, it was the British MI6 that planned this insane operation from their suburban offices in Kiev, at the behest and encouragement of Boris.

Boris wanted one final victory in Ukraine before he departs 10 Downing.


IF this is more or less the story, then the Brits have lost their minds.

Already Ukrainian propaganda is denying that this attack on the Zaporozhya NPP even happened, and that it’s all a Russian fake.


BTW, the Kherson Offensive is a complete disaster — thousands (plural) of troops will have lost their lives. For NOTHING!!

We are coming to the end of this nightmare. But I believe it will get much worse — with more insane schemes — before it’s all truly and finally over.

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