Is Jacinda going to choose the Justin Trudeau way?

Is Jacinda going to choose the Justin Trudeau way?

I think comrade Jacinda is going to go the Justin Trudeau way

PM says Parliament occupation ‘no longer a protest’

The occupation on Parliament’s lawn and the surrounding streets “is no longer a protest”, says Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern as the stand-off with police stretches into its tenth day.

TV 1,

17 February, 2022

Jacinda Ardern said what was happening “is illegal, we’re all clear on that”. (Source: 1News)

Hundreds have set up camp for over a week, with stalls and food areas set up.

On Thursday threats and accusations were still written in chalk all around Parliament buildings, slurs were displayed from some vehicles, while some protesters continued to spread misinformation over loudspeakers.

New signs had been erected on the edge of the protest apologising to people who have been abused on their way to work.

“Protest is not illegal in New Zealand,” Jacinda Ardern said from Rotorua.

“Building camps on the lawn of Parliament, obstructing the ability of young people to go to school, of workers to operate and harassing those who are wearing masks and taking measures to keep themselves safe.

“That is the activity that is absolutely unacceptable and everyone in Parliament I’ve heard has called on that to end,” she said.

“What this has turned into is no longer a protest.”

Many of the protesters were calling for the end of vaccine mandates.

Ardern said there would be a time “where we’re in a position to move away from restrictions, in the same way we moved away from lockdowns and that we’re opening our borders”.

“But right now is not that time”.

Ardern said they had a “duty of care for all New Zealanders, as this pandemic grows that we’re focused on them and their well-being.”

She reiterated there would be a time where they would look to remove or lessen restrictions “that we’ve all had to live with”.

“But as the pandemic grows, that is not the time to do that.”

Ardern said she did not expect the situation “to change quickly”.

“We’re all prepared that it may take some time.

“What is happening there is illegal. We’re all clear on that.”

4 thoughts on “Is Jacinda going to choose the Justin Trudeau way?

  1. All’s fair (and legal) in love and war. The public opposition to irrational government mandates, restrictions and vaccine requirements is war.

  2. They both attended Klaus Schwab’s School for Young Tyrants aka WEF. Both graduated with flying colors, so yes, the blueprint is implanted in their heads … literally perhaps.

  3. At such a time this may sound facetious, but I did once say that New Zealand, at least in geographical shape, has a truly remarkable resemblance to Canada’s Nova Scotia on the east coast, right down to a lake in the upper area. So maybe it’s not too far-fetched to say Ardern feels ardor for Canada and Trudeau, sees a model there to emulate?!?

    As for west coast British Columbia (now there’s a misnomer, exclaims my friend), I thought I saw just recently where the stalwart Dr Bonnie Henry, the province’s chief medical officer, stated still keeping vaxx passports and mandates a while longer. Her tone at the time struck me as highly punitive, when other provinces were starting to get rid of them. As if she’s punishing the unvaccinated for trying to make worse the province’s/her pandemic stats.

  4. Btw, reading in Robin’s title ‘THE JUSTIN TRUDEAU WAY,’ was immediately reminded of ‘my way, or the highway’! And I don’t know about New Zealand, but Canada actually has numerous main thoroughfares ending in ‘Way.’ such as ‘Canada Way.’

    Which further reminded me there’s a mountain (I think it’s in our westernmost province BC; will have check; could be Alberta) named after Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Justin’s PM father, and the government used an already-named peak.

    After Justin’s demise, and depending on how history treats his performance as PM, sees him as PM royalty, maybe Mount Royal in Montreal could be in for re-naming it Mount Justin Trudeau. How would the Quebec provincial government like that?

    Justin could be around another 50 years; any mountain naming will have to be before the Sixth Mass Extinction!

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