Is this connected to Prigozhin’s announcement?

Is this connected to Prigozhin’s announcement?


Within the past 60 minutes, Russian artillery surrounding what is left of Bakhmut, has begun firing Thermite Incendiery shells upon the **entire** area still occupied by Ukrainian troops.   Whatever is left of the city after months of fierce fighting, is being incinerated.

As of 6:30 PM EDT on 5 May 2023, it is not known how many Ukrainian troops remain in the city, or how **any** of them can survive this onslaught.

Video from a Ukraine military drone over Bakhmut:


Social media Geeks have been geo-locating the video images.  Here’s what they’ve found:

 And confirmed via NASA Satellite detection of the fires:

Video from Ukrainian soldiers ON THE GROUND as these shells hit:

More from Telegram

‼️🇷🇺”We’re tough!” – Bakhmut is on fire, and the militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine complain in a panic that they are being attacked and flooded with fire

▪️Ukrainian military get in touch with their acquaintances and write in their social networks that activation began in the evening, Russian artillery is hitting them very powerfully.

▪️ The Armed Forces also report that Wagner PMCs are conducting active assault operations to oust Ukrainian troops from the last western quarters that they still hold.

▪️ “The enemy is making progress (on the offensive),” Ukrainian military analysts confirm in the evening report.


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