Is this how they poisoned Dr. Buttar?

Is this how they poisoned Dr. Buttar?

When I first heard these words of Dr. Buttar about having been poisoned with something more powerful than the vaccine I could not quite understand.

However, this explanation of Mike Adams makes it all much clearer to me. I am certain that is what Dr. Buttar thought.

So there is a Big Pharma-run, Deep State government-run, you know, censorship regime that singles out individuals like Sayer and Ty Bollinger and Dr. Buttar, and myself and others, to try to utterly silence them and silence their impact, because we save lives.

And the establishment is, of course, working incessantly to exterminate human lives, as we’ve talked about many times.

… I guess I should start out by saying upfront that there’s no question in my mind that there are bio weapons that have been created by the, well, let’s say , the bioweapons industrial complex, right, the with the help of Fauci and the NIH and the DoD and so on.

And if you think SARS COV- 2 was the only weapon they created, think, again.

They’ve been hard at work at this for decades, and they have a freezer full of other biological weapons.

As best I can tell, they take some of these weapons and they, they deploy them against individuals, sometimes at public speaking events, and other times, perhaps in other nefarious ways.

Some of these can be contact agents, you know, certain types of proteins, for example, can of course, go right through the skin. And so an individual can be tracked and followed and these bio weapons can be sprayed on their doorknobs, or card door handles or water bottles, or what have you, or their food can be tainted, or their hotel room can be sprayed with this.

So what they can do is they can follow somebody at a public speaking event who’s staying in a hotel, follow them back, identify their room, of course.  They can easily enter the room by forcing the hotel to comply with the deep state.

And then they enter the hotel room and they just spray the whole room with all the bio weapons while they’re holding their own breath.

And then they just exit and wait for the person to go in and soak up all the bio weapons in the room and get sick and die.

And I’ve seen this happen. I’ve seen this happen more than once.

There are people in the health freedom movement who have lost fathers and mothers and loved ones. Because they were at certain events that were targeted with certain types of sometimes aerosolized bio weapons.

And in other cases, specific individuals were targeted. I know of several people who were severely sickened because they were targeted in such a manner, some of whom barely survived. I mean, they thought they were going to die for like two weeks straight. And through the help of natural medicine, they were able to pull through when, a normal person – a person that’s hopped up on pharmaceuticals and whatever –  would have died,

Watch the video below

In loving memory of Dr. Rashid Buttar, a champion and warrior for humanity

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