Is war with Russia getting closer; NATO spits in Russia’s eye

Is war with Russia getting closer; NATO spits in Russia’s eye

Signs That War With Russia Just Got Even Closer

In this article I am going to write about something that the vast majority of the U.S. population couldn’t care less about.  Sadly, most Americans simply do not care about Ukraine, Russia’s military preparations for war, or pretty much anything else that is happening on the other side of the globe.  But over in Russia, things are completely different.  There is constant talk about the potential for war with the west, and there is a lot of pessimism that it will be able to be avoided.

To the Russians, this really is the biggest crisis with the west since the Cuban missile crisis of the 1960s.  The Russians have repeatedly warned that western missiles must not be stationed in Ukraine, and they have repeatedly warned that Ukraine must not become a member of NATO.

They are using the same rationale that we used during the Cuban missile crisis.  We didn’t want the Russians to have missiles in Cuba that could potentially hit our major cities within just a matter of a few minutes, and likewise the Russians don’t want missiles in Ukraine that could potentially hit their major cities within just a matter of a few minutes.

The only way that Vladimir Putin will ever authorize an invasion of Ukraine is if one of his strategic “red lines” is crossed.

But instead of easing tensions and trying to talk things out, western leaders just keep provoking Russia.

If they keep on recklessly poking the bear, at some point a mistake will be made and we will have a war that nobody wants.  The following are 7 signs that war with Russia just got even closer…

#1 Despite the fact that Vladimir Putin has said that such a move would cross one of his “red lines”, Ukraine was just told that it will eventually be allowed to join NATO…

Facing a building threat from Russia, Ukraine’s president sought security guarantees from NATO’s chief in a meeting on Thursday and came away with a renewed commitment that his country could eventually join the military alliance despite stiff objections from its Russian neighbors.

#2 Ukraine has shocked the world by opening up the bomb shelters in Kiev

Ukraine has opened bomb shelters in the capital of the nation as fears of a Russian invasion soar. On Wednesday a Ukrainian minister and former top spy warned the conflict could spread globally.

#3 ABC’s Martha Raddatz is reporting that after Joe Biden’s recent call with Vladimir Putin, the Russians moved an additional 10,000 troops to the border with Ukraine.

#4 The EU is warning of “massive costs for Russia” if there is any more “aggression” toward Ukraine…

“At this point in time, Russia is choosing an aggressive posture vis-à-vis its neighbors. And as the European Union and its G-7 partners have made very clear, further aggressive acts against Ukraine will have massive costs for Russia,” European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said Wednesday.

#5 Banks in Belarus are preparing to switch to Russia’s version of SWIFT due to imminent sanctions by the west

Belarusian banks are preparing for tougher Western sanctions by signing up to Russia’s alternative to the SWIFT, the international financial messaging network that underpins the global banking system, Russia’s Moskovsky Komsomolets tabloid has reported.

Russia’s System for Transfer of Financial Messages (SPFS) has more than 400 domestic users — practically every licensed Russian lender — but is used by only 38 banks from nine other countries. Developed in 2014, SPFS is designed to keep banking transactions in the event of Western sanctions disconnecting Russia from SWIFT.

#6 It is being reported that Russia “has begun to move Tor short-range surface-to-air missile systems to the border area with Ukraine.”

#7 A bipartisan group of U.S. Senators wants to formally designate Russia as a “terrorist state”.  Needless to say, the Russians are not happy about this

On top of that – as if all that were not incendiary enough – the US Senators want to designate Russia a “terrorist state” if its “forces further invade Ukraine”. Such a designation of a nuclear superpower is unprecedented. It is an insane move that would make diplomacy and negotiation all but impossible. It’s tantamount to declaring war.

We should want to try to find a way to have peace with Russia, but we just keep on moving closer to war.

And when war eventually comes, it may be global.

Most Americans don’t realize this, but Russia and China just announced a brand new “security alliance”

On Wednesday it was announced that Russia and China had agreed to terms on a security alliance.

President Xi said regarding the deal: “At present, certain international forces under the guise of ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights’ are interfering in the internal affairs of China and Russia and brutally trampling on international law and recognised norms of international relations.”

So could the U.S. find itself fighting both Russia and China at the same time someday?

Yes, that is entirely possible.

Meanwhile, European powers are warning that talks to revive the Iranian nuclear deal “are rapidly reaching the end of the road”

A joint statement from Britain, France and Germany issued on Tuesday said “we are rapidly reaching the end of the road” to save the 2015 Iran nuclear deal after the Iranian side accused the West of stoking a “blame game” atmosphere.

“Iran’s continued nuclear escalation means that we are rapidly reaching the end of the road,” France’s ambassador to the United Nations, Nicolas de Riviere, announced. He added that Iran’s consistently blowing past development and uranium enrichment limits all while blaming the US for pulling out of the deal means “We are nearing the point where Iran’s escalation of its nuclear program will have completely hollowed out the JCPOA.”

The Israelis have already been practicing for an attack on Iran, and if peace talks collapse it will make a conflict between Israel and Iran inevitable.

Of course a new war in the Middle East would give the Biden administration a way to distract us from our growing internal troubles.  At this point, only 26 percent of Americans believe that the country is headed in the right direction…

A new Economist/YouGov Poll shows almost 75% of Americans are either unsure or believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. Only 26% think things are going well.

Worse, just 4% believe the economy is “excellent.”

Personally, I do not believe that we will see a major war erupt before the end of 2021.

But a new year is just weeks away, and I have such a bad feeling about 2022.

Over the past couple of years we have been hit with one thing after another, and “the perfect storm” that is now upon us threatens to go to an entirely new level next year.

Paul Craig Roberts

Washington Spits In the Kremlin’s Eye

NATO promises to keep expanding, despite Russian objections

The two-bit punk Washington puppet, Jens Stoltenberg, responded for Washington to Russian Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Ryabkov by spitting in the Kremlin’s eye.

Minister Ryabkov made it clear, finally after much too long of a time, that NATO would not be permitted to advance any further. But, as I said would be the case, Washington did not hear.

Cuban Missile Crisis Redux

Stoltenberg, a non-entity of no consequence, just told the world’s preeminent military power to go to hell.

As for the Kremlin’s opposition to Ukraine being incorporated into NATO, Washington’s puppet declared: “whether Ukraine joins NATO is up to the bloc’s member states and its leadership, and that Moscow doesn’t have input into the decision.”

Will the Kremlin pretend the strong rebuff didn’t happen?

Stoltenberg is not going to let them:

“NATO countries are already training Ukrainian troops and consulting with them,” he bragged. “They are conducting joint exercises and providing military supplies and technology.”

As Biden and his Secretary of State already said: “We don’g give a hoot about Russian red lines. The exceptional US has red lines, not those inconsequential Russian jerks.”

What now will the Kremlin do? Will Lavrov rush out and “correct” Ryabkov so the Kremlin can continue to avoid the reality? Indeed, what can the Kremlin actually do? Having misplaced its trust in Western democracy, reasonableness, dialogue, negotiation, the Kremlin has been led by its pro-American intellectual class, its pro-Western Atlanticist Integrationists, and CIA-financed protesters inside Russia down a blind alley. Trapped in a blind alley, how is the Kremlin going to get out?

The West was astonished when suddenly the Russian foot came down in Syria and Washington’s overthrow of the Syrian government was blocked by Russian military force. With the West stunned, that was the time for the Kremlin to settle on its terms all other issues, but the vision simply was not there. The Kremlin worried that someone in the West might not speak well of them.

All the Kremlin has achieved is to show that it naively believes in all the professed values of the West that the West most certainly does not believe in.

I have said from the beginning that Russian foreign policy has been a mistake that is leading to nuclear war. We are at the point where Russia must back down or show in a highly convincing way that it will, indeed, use its superior force.

To comprehend how poorly the entire Western world is led, consider that while this most serious situation developed off the radar the idiot Western governments were preoccupied with boosting the profits of the pharmaceutical industry with an orchestrated fake “Covid pandemic” by marketing a “vaccine” that does not protect against Covid but does cause serious injuries and deaths.

Something has happened to human intelligence everywhere on the globe. Hype prevails over reality. Unimportant issues silence important issues. Truth is less preferred than illusion and delusion. Avoid reality at all cost. Pretend. Pretend.

The utter fools who comprise the governments of the world don’t see what is coming.

I am not paying nearly enough attention to this. but am posting this from Hal Turner – up to you to make up your own mind

Details as follows . . . 

On December 10, Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs publicly made statements to NATO about Russia’s security concerns. (Story HERE)

The Russians wanted cast Iron assurances from United States that Ukraine will never, ever, be admitted in to NATO.

Also Georgia.

The Russians believe it is going too far. And say they will be forced to to act if their demands are rejected.

About eight hours later, they were rebuffed by Stoltenberg at NATO who answered them flatly with “no.”  NATO will not meet Russia’s security demands.

Three days later, the Russian Foreign Ministry sent a re-issued version of those same demands to NATO, only this time, they contained a Date-Certain.   If Russia’s security demands were NOT agreed to by a date-certain, Russia would address those concerns using military force.

Russia sent this re-issuance via Hand-Delivery, by Russian Government Diplomatic Staff.  The document copies were hand-delivered to all NATO primary Executives, such as Biden at the White House and Boris Johnson at #10 Downing Street; all delivered by hand, by Russian Diplomatic staff.

Today, NATO’s Jen Stoltenberg issued a formal reply to Russia on behalf of all NATO Members.  “Russia’s demand for security assurances from NATO, and other demands, are rejected.”

Stoltenberg just confirmed that Ukraine and Georgia will be admitted in to NATO in the near future.

Now, the information the government found out that I obtained, and does not want me revealing:

Already, military assets are being moved in to place as I write this.

US is deploying F-15s in to Romania.

Aircraft Carrier Strike Group on the move through the Mediterranean.

US/NATO Troops are being moved in to eastern Europe.

Three weeks ago, very, VERY, quietly, the US began loading M1A1 and M1A2 Abrams Tanks onto Roll-On Roll-Off (RO-RO) vessels in the United States. It took about a week for the first of those ships to transit to Greece.   Upon arrival, the tanks were unloaded.

In the past two weeks, the United States has sent slightly more than 1,000 M1A1 or A2 Abrams tanks to southeastern Europe.

They also sent between 35,000 and 45,000 U.S. Troops in the same time period.

Prior to these tanks and troops arriving, the U.S. has the equivalent of ONE armored division in all of Europe. 

As of today, they have enough for THREE Armored divisions, or, in the alternative, TWO armored Divisions and two or three Infantry Divisions.

Tomorrow, the Pentagon will begin AIRLIFTING weapons to Ukraine.

So Russia’s effort to avoid a conflict by diplomatic negotiation of their security concerns has been flatly and deliberately rejected.

The West clearly wants war and, it looks today, they’re going to get what they want.

Here’s the problem:  If NATO enters any conflict between Russia and Ukraine, then ALL NATO COUNTRIES will immediately become legitimate targets for Russia to attack.  That includes us here in the United States.

Given the fact that Russia now has hypersonic missiles which the US cannot defend against, things won’t go so well for us here.

YOU have precious little time to top-off preps to keep yourself and your family safe, warm, dry, and fed.


2 thoughts on “Is war with Russia getting closer; NATO spits in Russia’s eye

  1. ‘Russia’s superior force’?… Superior to whom, the US?… if, indeed, that’s what you think, well then, you know nothing of global military forces and you’ve thrust yourself into the spotlight of delusion.
    IF things went full scale, we can guarantee that the US can stave off ANYTHING a Russian-Chinese coalition could throw at them and retaliate with hideous force of which the world cannot comprehend.
    The US appropriated defense budget towers over China, India, Russia, and others, COMBINED.
    Note that the US Black Budgets weren’t even mentioned…. want to know where those funds come from?
    The MSM tries real hard to push their fear rhetoric on us with China hypersonic tech, and what have you, but fail to tell the truth about the US huge tech lead there, in space, quantum computing, AI, et al.

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