Israel: 348% increase in Cardiac Arrest rate, 35% increase in Stroke rate

Israel: 348% increase in Cardiac Arrest rate, 35% increase in Stroke rate

Shocking data from Israel’s largest healthcare organization shows a staggering increase in cardiac arrest diagnoses.

and number of people dying post vaccination.

We now have some new diagnosis data from Israel, which was acquired through a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request made by attorney Ori Shabi on May 30th, 2023.

Firstly, we can observe that Cardiac Arrest diagnoses nearly doubled from 2020 to 2021 and more than doubled from 2021 to 2022. This is an extremely concerning trend as it is showing acceleration.

In 2020, there was 1 cardiac arrest per 251,256 population. In 2021, there was 1 cardiac arrest per 130,890 population. In 2022, there was 1 cardiac arrest per 58,275 population.

If this trend continues at approximately 200%, we will see
1 in 29,137 in 2023,
1 in 14,568 in 2024,
1 in 7,284 in 2025, and so on…

Of course, we hope that with fewer people vaccinating now, the trend may reverse.

For clarification, the annual incidence of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in Israel varies between 20 and 140 per 100,000 people [SOURCE]. It is important to note that there can be significant discrepancies between population data and health insurance data for several reasons, such as insurance data only including individuals with health insurance coverage. Additionally, variations in definitions (e.g., out-of-hospital cardiac arrests vs. hospital cardiac arrests) can contribute to these discrepancies.

Instead of solely analyzing the numbers, it is more meaningful to examine the trends over time. This approach allows for a better understanding of the patterns and changes in cardiac arrest incidence in Israel.

Let’s look at trends on the number of death. The number of deaths due to cardiac arrest and stroke is also increasing at an accelerated rate between 2020 and 2022. Prior to 2020, the number of deaths in these categories was virtually zero.

Israel is one of the most highly vaccinated countries in the world, with 81.5% of its population having received at least one dose.

However, in 2023, it appears that a majority of the population has become anti-vaxxers. It is unfortunate that despite the decrease in experimental vaccinations by the people, deaths and cases continue to accelerate.

My strongest suspicion at the moment is that the cardiac arrests are caused by subclinical myocarditis due to vaccinations instead of COVID infections.

In a large population-based study conducted last year on Clalit Health Services members in Israel, it was found that there was no increased incidence of either pericarditis or myocarditis in adult patients recovering from COVID-19 infection. [SOURCE]

In another study published in Nature, it was found that there was an increase in emergency cardiovascular events among the under-40 population in Israel during the vaccine rollout and the third wave of COVID-19. [SOURCE]

(H/T to Rebekah Barnett for sharing these studies. Please visit her Substack here.)

Delay of Pfizer and Moderna’s Subclinical Myocarditis Study

Unfortunately, for reasons unknown, the FDA has not released the data regarding Pfizer’s substudy to assess the incidence of subclinical myocarditis after the third dose, which was scheduled for December 2022.

As of June 2023, Moderna’s similar study is also overdue, and we have not received any updates from the FDA. If the data were positive, I believe they would have released it promptly. However, it seems that they may need more time to review and “massage” the data before making an announcement.

Anyway, for further commentary and context on Israel’s data, please visit IsraeLab’s Substack.

348% increase in Cardiac Arrest rate, 35% increase in Stroke rate, Pop.=4.5 million

Israel’s ’21-’22 leap in morbidity has not yet been addressed nor explained

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  1. No direct studies. But more car crashes have happened this Summer.
    People having heart attacks/strokes and driving into other’s… Or just flooring it and careening into the ditch. An older 80 Y/o man died 2 days ago. (Heart attack) There were 2 other traffic incident’s within the same 15 minutes.
    In other Heart news. I am seeing more and more brand-new, “emergency defibrillators.” Mounted on the walls. In Grocery/Department/Hardware stores, elevators, hallways of municipal buildings, and on public busses… I am having trouble thinking of a place I haven’t seen one.

    1. Oh I forgot to mention the 15 minute interval, is the metro area where I live.
      Pop. 250 000. A tiny slice… One city, in Canada.

      1. @Canadian Jigger There’s a very good article on post vaccine cognitive impairment at the substack of Igor Chudov.

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