Israel Is Surrounded

Israel Is Surrounded

Hundreds of thousands of “Axis of Resistance” soldiers surround Israel: Hezbollah’s first ballistic attack on Israeli bases

Significant escalation

One organization after another belonging to the “Axis of Resistance” begins to actively act against Israel. A significant mobilization of the pro-Iranian Shiite forces in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon has been observed for hours now.

It seems that all forces are taking battle positions for further escalation in case, as H. Nasrallah said, Israel continues the operation in Gaza.

In this context, Hezbollah made a major escalation earlier today when it attempted to target multiple Israeli bases on the border with South Lebanon using “Burkan” ballistic missiles that can carry a 100-500 kg warhead.

Beirut-based Al-Mayadeen TV reported that Hezbollah fired at least two Burkan-2 missiles at Israeli military bases on Saturday.

A Lebanese security official confirmed the report of the first use of Burkan-2 missiles.

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Israeli artillery and aircraft then hit several Hezbollah positions in South Lebanon following an attack earlier today on the IDF Al-Abad military base along the border, which is still burning.

The IDF released footage showing strikes on Hezbollah positions in southern Lebanon. It says targets include infrastructure and missile depots.

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Hundreds of thousands of Shiites surround Israel from Syria, Lebanon and Iraq

At the same time, the pro-Iranian Shiite forces of the Axis of Resistance are building up their forces around Israel, both in Lebanon and in Syria and Iraq.

The leader of the Iraqi organization Al-Hashad al-Shaabi, Abu Fadek, announced a state of full combat readiness and support for Hezbollah in Lebanon.

This team has some serious power. Its number is estimated at 170,000 fighters in Iraq and several thousand in southern Syria.

They have the ability to launch ballistic missiles and kamikaze drones into Israel and are officially funded by the Iraqi government with the support of Tehran.

Abu Fadek also announced his readiness to work with Yemen’s Houthis, who earlier this week announced their entry into the conflict and have already attempted to launch a missile attack on Israel.

We remind you that Hezbollah has 130,000 men. The two wings of Hezbollah, in Lebanon and Iraq, together have over 300,000 men!

In Lebanon, Hezbollah forces were reinforced with Iranian fighters from the “Imam Hussein Brigade”.

According to the Arab press, these militias have been operating in the southern part of the country for several days.

In addition, the Fajr Forces, a little-known Sunni armed group operating in southern Lebanon, has been reactivated in recent weeks after nearly 20 years of relative inactivity.

Along with other Hezbollah allies, the group has escalated attacks on Israel.

“We are not fully aligned with Hezbollah,” said Bassem Hammoud, deputy head of the political bureau of the Islamic group, under which the Fajr Forces operate.

“We disagree with them on some things. But we are with them in the resistance against Israel.”

The Alma Research Center, which monitors security developments along Israel’s northern border, says the Imam Hussein Brigade is a militia composed mainly of Iraqi Shiites that was integrated into the Fourth Division of the regular Syrian army and operates mainly in the Damascus area .

It has reportedly carried out direct offensive operations against Israel and US troops in Syria.

“The entire Fourth Division, commanded by Maher Assad, the brother of Syrian President Bashar Assad, has evolved into Iran’s long arm as it reports directly to the Quds Force, the campaign arm of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards,” Alma research center emphasizes .

It is worth noting that the General Secretariat of the Iraqi Ministry of Defense in a document orders all Iraqi military divisions to implement a measure amid the possibility of a regional conflict.

In Iran, the recruitment of volunteers for a mission in Lebanon has been started for days…

Turkiye’ RECALLS Ambassador to Israel

Turkey says it is recalling its ambassador to Israel for consultations due to Israel’s refusal to agree to a ceasefire in Gaza.

The Turkish foreign ministry says Sakir Ozkan Torunlar was being recalled “in view of the unfolding humanitarian tragedy in Gaza caused by the continuing attacks by Israel against civilians, and Israel’s refusal (to accept) a ceasefire.”

Protest Building Around Incirlik Air Base

The Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH), the Turkish non-profit that organised the event, said hundreds of vehicles were driving towards Turkey’s capital, Ankara, on Friday afternoon with many more protesters expected to join as the convoy stops in cities along the way, covering nearly 1,000km (620 miles).

Convoys departing from three other Turkish cities – Kahramanmaras, Kayseri and Van – were also expected on Sunday to reach Adana, where the demonstrators plan to encircle the Incirlik Air Base to protest against US support for Israel and to call for a ceasefire in Gaza.

Turkey’s President Says No More Talks with Israel’s Netanyahu

Turkish President Recep Erdogan on Saturday announced his refusal to further communicate with the head of the Israeli government, Benjamin Netanyahu.

“We will no longer be able to talk with Netanyahu. We have crossed him out,” the inter-Arab TV channel al-Arabiya quotes Erdogan as saying.

Turkey will no longer have any confidence in the global system unless Israel ends and is held accountable for what Erdogan called “war crimes and human rights violations,” he said.


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