Israelis attack Christians

Israelis attack Christians

Hate speech and racism anyone?

Israeli Rabbi to Christians: “You Shouldn’t be Worshipping One Jew, You Should be Worshipping All of Us”

Chris Menahan
Oct. 10, 2023

Israeli Rabbi Chaim Richman, the former director of the Temple Institute, told Christians on his podcast addressing Israel’s war with Gaza on Monday that they “shouldn’t be worshipping one Jew” — Jesus Christ — but instead should be worshipping “all of us” Jews because “we’re dying for your sins right now.”


“Ben Gvir had previously defended the act of spitting on Christians as ‘an ancient Jewish custom,’ ” the MiddleEastEye noted.


Ancient Roman statues were toppled and destroyed just last week and a statue of Jesus Christ was desecrated earlier this year by a Jewish supremacist who said, “We cannot worship stones of false gods in Jerusalem.”

Earlier this year, two influential members of Israel’s Knesset introduced a bill to outlaw teaching the Gospel and sentence violators to prison. It was already illegal for Christians to proselytize Israeli minors but the new bill sought to “ban any and all efforts to tell people about Jesus.” The bill was pulled after mass backlash from Christians in America but the sponsor of the bill merely said he wouldn’t move forward with it “at this stage.”

While the notion that Israel is an ally of Christians is comical, the idea that we should “worship” them is downright heretical.

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