Israels ground operation against HAMAS a “giant blunder”

Israels ground operation against HAMAS a “giant blunder”

We need to move away from mutual accusations of genocide and atrocities and let cooler heads to prevail to see where this is headed.

Israeli Major General: “We are falling into an Iranian trap in Gaza” – The US is also mobilizing the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit with two ships

USS Bataan and USS Carter Hall with 3,000 marines on war footing


Israeli Major General is sounding the alarm as he talks of an “Iranian trap” being set for the Israeli Army once the IDF ground operation in Gaza begins.

“If Israeli forces start a ground operation in the Gaza Strip, it will mean that the country will fall into the ‘Iranian trap’ and start acting according to the Iranian plan.”

This assessment of the unfolding events was given by the former commander of the IDF Air Force, Major General David Ivry.

According to the military expert, Hamas attacks will force the Israel Defense Forces to respond with a ground invasion of Gaza.

But when Israeli troops bog down in a ground operation, Israel will be attacked from Lebanon and the West Bank. This will lead to more serious consequences.

Ivry believes that the Gaza Strip is not a significant threat to Israel at present. Palestinian forces operating there can be suppressed by airstrikes and through economic pressure.

But if the Israeli ground forces enter Gaza and “stuck” there for a long time, having suffered heavy losses, then a real threat to the country will be created on a completely different level.

The only viable option for a ground operation is the outright occupation of the Gaza Strip. But this will lead to a large number of casualties among the IDF troops.

Moreover, it is not clear how long it will take Israel to occupy this territory and what funds will be required for this.

Apparently, not all Israeli military experts support the prospect of a ground military operation in the Gaza Strip, fearing a greater escalation of the conflict and the involvement of other participants in it…..

Russian Analysts: “IDF to Suffer Heavy Losses in Gaza – Confrontation Designed to Exhaust Israel & Bring Survival”

“The land operation will not achieve its objectives”

“Bombshell” publications in the Russian media refer to the failure of the Israeli Army’s ground operation in Gaza. The Russians report that the Israeli Army will not achieve the goals it has set while suffering significant losses.

The worst-case scenario for Israel, and for the West, is to get bogged down in a war and then be attacked on other fronts with the risk of slipping into a regional war as WarNews247 reported yesterday .

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Russians: Israel cannot afford a prolonged conflict in Gaza!

According to the Russians’ analysis:

“The Israeli leadership has indicated that in response to the escalation, it plans to completely destroy the Hamas movement. At the same time, Israeli troops will have to conduct military operations in the Gaza Strip, the area of ​​​​which is 365 square meters .km _

About 2 million people live in Gaza. It is also important to note that the armed formations of Hezbollah are concentrated in the north of Palestine and Iran is behind the fighters of Hamas.

In this regard, it becomes clear that Israel cannot afford a prolonged conflict in Gaza.

Such a confrontation is designed to exhaust the Jewish state and bring it to the brink of survival.

In addition, early evidence suggests that the mobilized Israelis are unable to provide themselves with personal protective clothing and equipment.

What happened on October 7th was a resounding slap in the face to the IDF and an embarrassment to Israel as a whole.

The Palestinian group Hamas surprised the troops of one of the most high-tech and militarized nations on the planet, so Tel Aviv will not soon forget such a humiliation.

This is a very painful issue of pride and security, which can be compared to the historical events of 1973.

From this point of view, the further development of the situation can follow various scenarios.

Moreover, all options have a certain negative impact for Israel.

First, the IDF could take the risk of “going in” by launching a major military operation directly into the Gaza Strip. However, Israeli forces are likely to be targeted by Hamas, whose fighters are well-trained and possess many weapons, especially anti-tank systems and drones.

Without a doubt, the Palestinians prepared for the meeting and divided their forces into sectors.

IDF losses in densely populated urban areas in this situation will be very sensitive and the overall effect will be negative, which will be another stain on the reputation of the Israeli Army.

Second , Israel has begun the blockade of Gaza. An attempt to starve the Gaza Strip and gradually turn it into ruins, along with the residents who did not flee to Egypt, could further complicate Israel’s international position. The fighting in neighboring Syria shows the direction. What happened in Homs, Aleppo and other cities will now happen in the Gaza Strip. It will become an attraction for volunteers and will be supported by other countries for a long time.

Third, Israel is unlikely to agree to a ceasefire for fear that the next Hamas attack will be even bloodier. Therefore, this time what happened will not be “hidden under the carpet” and will not be forgotten in a while. Israel is locked in a months-long battle.

Fourth, Hezbollah can provide support to the Gaza Strip and begin to greatly disturb Israel from its side. A confrontation may also begin in the West Bank of the Jordan River. Volunteers from Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and Yemen will head to the Golan Heights in Syria. But this can ignite the entire Middle East space and drag the West into it.

Finally, Israel has recently attempted to use AH-64 Apache helicopters and drones.

In the present situation, the helicopters did not help as they were attacked by MANPADS and left the battle. Apparently, Hamas anticipated this scenario and was well prepared for Israel’s military response.

Israel’s drones are also essentially incapable of fulfilling their role. The fact is that Hamas has set up mobile patrols on the roofs of buildings and is attacking the Israeli Army through ambushes.

At the same time, the Palestinians are actively using drones to drop bombs on Israeli personnel and equipment.

Obviously, when conducting a ground operation, the IDF will use mechanized units. However, under the current circumstances their effectiveness is questionable.

The inability to provide Israeli air cover can be compensated for by multiplying the number of ground forces. But in conditions of dense urban development there will be serious losses….

MI6 ex-head says ground operation against HAMAS to become Israel’s mistake

This could turn out to be a failure for the Israeli authorities, says former head of the British Foreign Intelligence Service Alex Younger

LONDON, October 12. /TASS/. The Hamas leadership is provoking Israel into starting a ground operation in the Gaza Strip, which may result in a failure for Israeli authorities, Alex Younger, Former Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) said in an interview for BBC.

“HAMAS is essentially creating a trap for Israel, and will be well pleased, if Israel commits itself to an open-ended full-scale ground invasion of Gaza, because of the scale and intensity of the conflict that that would entail and the loss of innocent life that would inevitably follow, and the radicalization [of the standoff] that would engender,” he said, adding that this would put Israel’s allies in an ‘impossible position,’ and this is what HAMAS wants.

“It is about reactions. Israel is going to have to do strikes into Gaza to demonstrate its intent to assuage the expectations of the Israeli people. But there is not, fundamentally, at the end of this, a military solution to this problem. You cannot kill all the terrorists without creating more terrorists. And military operations of this kind very, very rarely succeed outside of some kind of political strategy,” Younger noted.

The situation in the Middle East has escalated abruptly after an armed infiltration of HAMAS militant from the Gaza Strip into Israel. The HAMAS movement considers this attack a response to the actions of Israeli authorities towards the Al Aqsa Mosque at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Israel announced a complete blockade of the Gaza Strip and started carrying out strikes at the enclave and at certain areas of Lebanon and Syria. Clashes also take place in the West Bank. Over 1,300 Palestinians were killed and over 6,200 were injured, with up to 1,500 Israelis killed and almost 4,000 injured.

Previously, Western media reported that the Israel Defense Forces may begin a large-scale ground offensive in Gaza.

Another ex-MI6 head

Israel-Palestine War: US Faces Catastrophe in Middle East!

This is what Seymour Hersh is saying behind a paywall

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