It takes all types

It takes all types

Sometimes I am so bemused by comments on this blog that I have to highlight them.

Has the person here looked at all the evidence that is provided here or are they just responding to one item.

“I am just under 60 and have had the Astra Zennaca vaccine and soon to have second jab and luckily, for me, no side-effects….yet.

I don’t care if I am a guinea pig for this vaccine because, realistically, we are all guinea pigs for whichever drug, synthetic or natural that we take. I am already a walking guinea pig for the biologic medication I inject fortnightly which has successfully enabled me to live pain free and with greater flexible mobility and a lessening of the fatigue that Rheumatoid arthritis caused me to have. In turn that caused me to give up work, driving a car, doing housework or even chopping a carrot, 10 years ago.

But, as the studies of people and adverse reactions of people taking that drug have not been studied past the 10 year mark, I am now a walking trial. I agree with above respondent that taking medication makes you reliant and for that reason I try to take no other medication.

I do Tai Chi, meditation, forest walking (ok it is the local park but has nice big trees) and make my own meals with minimal processing from Organic fruit, veg, herbs and spices, legumes, nuts and seeds, dairy, eggs and fish. I will grow my own fruit and veg (as much as I can) when I have moved back into my own home.

These practices have helped me reduce my drug assistance down to the one drug with an aim to get off it once I have only myself to be responsible for.

This is the trap of medication……at times, life brings so many issues that stress levels rise and inflammation occurs and so disease ensues. Medication provides only an temporary relief or protection until there is time for us to go back to examine how the basics of diet, lifestyle and relationship to people, other animals and the place around us has become unbalanced. The medication science model has its flaws and results can be politically manipulated. T

aking medication is an implied risk because every body will be unique in its response to the medication….whether that be Ibuprofen or sugar or Astrazenneca or peanut or sunscreen. Even putting on a bandaid for some can result in allergic response. I do agree that people should have the choice to be vaccinated or not and to be a volunteer with field trials…..rather than animals being the subjects of study or soldiers or wards of the state or communities living in proximity. ie the fire retardent scandal and the Vietnam vet talking about the stuff he was exposed to. I also believe that information should be freely available and that everyone in the population should have the level of education required to understand the information and the context it is presented in”

I wish them luck!

As far as taking the jab and escaping any bad effects I liken it to playing Russian roulette.  There are 5 chances  out of 6 you will survive but still that one chance out out of 6.

And with time the chances are dying or getting an autoimmune reactions to your own blood vessels increase as spike proteins are produced for an indeterminate time and circulated round the body .

But perhaps we should avoid the information from a trained expert….

And rely on the self-proclaimed “expert” instead.

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