‘It’s like The Purge in real life’

‘It’s like The Purge in real life’

The Daily Mail us shedding tears because the “Palestinian mobs” are not leaving the Israelis in peace to rule over someone else’s land.

Oh, I feel really bad for them! Lol

‘It’s like The Purge in real life’: Terrified Israelis say police are overwhelmed trying to deal with Arab mobs seeking vengeance for Gaza airstrikes with Jewish homeowners taking sniper positions on roofs to protect their homes

  • Israel and Hamas are engaged in deadliest round of fighting since 2014 war that killed some 2,000 people 
  • Amid rocket fire and airstrikes, rioting has also broken out in the mixed Jewish-Arab city of Lod, near Tel Aviv 
  • Israelis living in the city have described it as a ‘war zone’ and ‘like something from The Purge’ with the constant sound of screaming, gunshots, and air-raid sirens 
  • Residents say there are too few police and they have been forced to go out with guns to protect their homes 

Daily Mail,

13 May, 2021

Israelis have described being attacked by Arab mobs ‘like something out of The Purge’ films amid escalating violence between the two sides that has pushed the region to the brink of all-out war.

People in the city of Lod, on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, say they have been forced to take up positions on the streets and rooftops armed with guns and bats to protect themselves during two nights of rioting by Israeli Arabs.

Synagogues, shops and cars have been torched and while Israeli authorities have now imposed an overnight curfew, those on the ground say there has been little police protection. 

Meanwhile, a right-wing Israeli mob was filmed pulling an Arab man from his car just nine miles away in Bat Yam and beating him unconscious, with medics saying he was seriously injured but is now in a ‘stable’ condition. 

Etyan Meir, 32, a resident of Lod who has since fled the city with his two children and heavily pregnant wife, described the city to MailOnline as a ‘war zone’ filled with ‘non-stop blasts and screaming’. 

Another man who is not from Lod but knows people in the city, said it currently resembles something out of ‘The Purge’ and that he heard of one family sleeping on their rooftop with a gun for protection.  

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