“It’s only a weather balloon”

“It’s only a weather balloon”

At the moment my ire is directed at the likes of Gonzalo Lira and his favourite CCP shill, Brian Berletic (who put out a video saying that the CCP social credit was a lie put out by the west).

Just for one, I wonder how there came to be several of them (including, reportedly, headlng for Australia. It’s World War 3.

Are they trying to say one side is evil and the other is lily-white?

Now they are at it again.

My preference is to listen to some of the preppers like Canadian preppers like Canadian Prepper and Marfoogle who put out a range of possibilities and don’t rush to ideologically-driven conclusions.

2 thoughts on ““It’s only a weather balloon”

  1. For the first time ever I gave a thumbs down to Gonzalo’s video. Not wanting war with China does not mean you have to trust the Chinese Communist Party! And I sometimes wonder of the CCP is pushing the US into war with Russia so as to weaken both. Even Andrei Martyanov, on his blog (some years back) pointed out that in the long term Russia nd China re competitors.

  2. Thank you for these reports on Gonzalo. Maybe Scott Ritter was right – that Gonzalo is working for his captors … Gonzalo is an intelligent knowledgeable sarcastic smart-ass who laughs at human weakness. No one who chain smokes can have much integrity. I listen to him sometimes, but I have never liked him.

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