Jacinda Adern’s goons destroy the last of what remained of democracy in New Zealand

Jacinda Adern’s goons destroy the last of what remained of democracy in New Zealand

We now live under the New World Order

The beginnings of this were the aftermath of the Christchurch shooting (which I believe was a false flag) and its aftermath, but it also goes back to 9/11 and the totalitarian tiptoe.

What happened yesterday was a dark, dark day in this country’s history. If folk have not caught on that we are living under a tyranny they never will.

I have never seen anything so beautiful in my country in my life where people whose lives have been torn apart were brought together into a protective community, some for the first time of their lives.

There is nothing so cruel as to have hopes dashed.

It was obvious, looking dispassionately, that this was going to end in this way (in fact, I was expecting Adern to bring in foreign police from overseas to do the job, but it seems that the NZ police force has more than enough psychopaths in their midst, something that bodes very badly for the good people of Aotearoa/New Zealand.

This is my own video compilation

The Day Democracy Died in New Zealand

Parliament protest: The protesters who set fire to their own cause video

After more than three weeks, what started as a smallish protest ended the way that it always looked like it would: with violence, destruction of property and police with riot shields.

But the behaviour of the protesters-turned-occupiers-turned-rioters on the way out was disgraceful. Some fire may have been accidental, but some clearly lit fires, others spread them around. All manner of projectiles were hurled at police. There was a fire lit under Parliament’s playground – which in ordinary times is a place young children happily play during the day.

As the crowd moved from Parliament’s ground onto the surrounding streets, it degenerated into a riot on the streets for hours. Police were professional, restrained, and quite a number got hurt.

In the end the rump of protesters who were left – which the Prime Minister said police estimated to be about 270 people – seemed to be exactly what the occupation’s most virulent critics always thought. A pack of violent thugs, often alt-right characters, who have been breaking the law and who were never going to go home quietly.

Several fires were set alight at Parliament grounds.

This is the reality – these are NOT protestors!

Like no one I ever saw in the camp

Tears of our Nation

Camp Freedom daily roundup:Day 23

2 March 2022.

Yesterday, Day 23 of Camp Freedom began early and violently.

Just before 6am, hundreds of police in full protective gear with helmets, visors and shields were moved in to the intersection of Freedom Drive (Molesworth Street) and Resistance Hill (Hill Street).  Over the loud speaker from the Parliamentary balcony, Police issued a warning to the Freedom Fighters: Parliamentary grounds were closed and they were trespassing. Everyone was told to leave or they may be subject to arrest.

A few people left, mostly those with children and some elderly women and men. But the vast majority of people there chose to stay and face the Police. They held the line until well after midday. The police spent the morning, however, pepper spraying people in the crowd or pulling them out and beating them up before arresting them. A video of a woman being beaten illustrates the Police violence.

A Police helicopter hovered over Parliament all day while the morning was spent clearing out Resistance Hill and Aitken Street of the cars and trucks that had been parked there since 8 February, Day 1 of the occupation. It was extremely disheartening to watch the newly constructed toilet block dubbed “The Peehive” being lifted by a Police forklift and removed from the street. The day only got worse for Camp Freedom.

By mid-afternoon, Police who were positioned at the Parliamentary Library moved forward and began removing the tents and their contents from the grounds. One by one, they slashed the tents’ nylon and broke the poles and piled the remnants ready to be dumped. They were met with peaceful resistance throughout that process, but pepper-sprayed their way forward until that was overcome. They cleared the grounds towards the southern entrance gates, but were met with stronger resistance there.

At one stage, the Police wrecked the food tent, knocking over a generator, spilling fuel which caught fire. Video evidence is available to prove this.

Freedom Fighters, many of whom had lost their jobs in Jacinda’s mandate law and lost their livelihoods, were not ready to fold under the power of the State. They fought back, hard, with everything at their disposal.  They halted the Police advance by throwing folding chairs, pieces of wood, and pallets at the Police, as months of anger from being discriminated against and segregated from parts of the society manifested itself as physical opposition. At one stage, some men took to pulling up the pavers in the footpath and throwing them at Police. 

The violence perpetrated by the Police and responded to resulted in the Police bringing more force, with high-powered fire hoses, tear gas canisters, and rubber bullets. Many were injured, with one woman being shot in the temple and taken to hospital in serious condition. Others were shot in the torso and legs.

Today is a day of infamy for Jacinda Ardern and the Labour Government. The Prime Minister and her Ministers ignored, denigrated, abused and lied their way out of addressing the legitimate concerns of the people at Camp Freedom and instead decided to steer it to the point where police stomping in with excessive force was the preferable option.

Our so-called leaders in government are inept and deficient of leadership and Statesmanship. They only want to lead those who fall in line and violently dispel those who disagree. And those who disagree with this Government are no ‘fringe minority’, with a Horizon Research poll on 18 February showing 30 percent of New Zealanders nationwide supported the anti-mandate protest. The people at Camp Freedom had lost their jobs in the illegal and discriminatory mandate law and wanted the government to address it. They refuse to live a life in chains. They refuse to have their children harmed from the experimental vaccine (which by the way doesn’t protect you!)


This morning, the Government in collusion with the mainstream media are falsely blaming the violence on the citizens of Camp Freedom and refuse to take any responsibility for the debacle that unfolded yesterday. The Police themselves are culpable for their overreach.

For now, Camp Freedom has been disbanded at the hands of Police brutality and violence. But this fight is far from over. All that Jacinda and the Police did yesterday was galvanise hundreds of thousands of more people around the country to rise up against this Government. It is our opinion that the last 23 days marks the beginning of the end for this regime.

In the meantime, protesters have moved out to Shelly Bay in Wellington, and the mountains of food that have been donated will be sent out to nourish their ongoing stand.

Peaceful Protestors Scream, Tear-Gassed By Police Destroying Freedom Village, Wellington New Zealand


Our tent, the generator that was gifted, and most important of all the 45 precious signs each sharing the story of a vaccine injured New Zealander.

We will regroup and more signs will be printed.

This photo is one of the most powerful i have seen….

Riot police standing on one of our injury boards.

—The Health Forum NZ (via Telegram)

Jacinda claimed pepper spray was not used.

Well, l can tell you that it was, and not within legal guidelines.

People don’t normally feel the need to pour milk into their eyes.

The media claimed the protestors incited violence.

Well the footage from Chantelle and others shows something else.

—The Health Forum NZ (via Telegram)

New Zealand Police Brutality with Chantelle Baker


Apparently the cops had rubber bullets amongst whatever other weaponry. This is from Green MP, Golriz Ghahraman.

Once upon a time the Left and the Green Party in particular were worried about police use of pepper spray

Police sadism

I didn’t see the footage on Three news, but this is simply outrageous:

TV3 videographer Murray Job saw the tuxedo-clad man on the ground outside Trusts Stadium, West Auckland, about 11.30pm on Thursday with hands cuffed behind his back.[…]

The man was “dishing out some verbal abuse” but was not a threat to police, said Mr Job.

As his camera started to roll, an officer took a canister of pepper spray from his belt and sprayed it into the face of the cuffed man, he said.


Video of the incident, captured by Mr Job, shows an officer directing a spray directly into the man’s face. After a few seconds pause, the man begins twitching and spasming, with his legs thrashing…

This is nothing less than clear and deliberate sadism, and it should not be tolerated in the police (or anywhere, for that matter). The officer involved should be charged with assault and prosecuted to the full extent of the law, just like any other criminal.

Meanwhile, the Greens are calling for a wider inquiry into the use of pepper spray, and this seems to be more than justified. According to the police’s own figures, they used it 2000 times in the last year alone. Given that it is only supposed to be used when someone is at risk of physical injury, that seems a little high – and given the stories and now video of incidents like this, I don’t think we can simply trust the police’s word that they are using it appropriately.

There were only a couple of dozen of us left at the bus terminal after the worst was over, and look what still kept coming at us. The little turd in front looked  like he was dying to let off a few more shots

From a day or so before when the police thugs came and dismantled the toilets

Thugs in Wellington

These are Facebook comments from Hon. Winston Peters

The violence and disorder on parliament grounds yesterday is something that we should never have witnessed in New Zealand – a country we pride ourselves on as being one of the best democracies in the world.

The fact of the matter is the terminal rioting we saw was as predicable as it was avoidable.  It was equal parts arrogance and inaction that allowed these rioters to take advantage on the national stage.  That fateful die was cast by the Prime Minister and every other politician when they refused to engage with the initially peaceful protest on day one – to expect any other outcome after that pact was signed is just plain ignorance.  The simple fact is they all got it badly wrong.

The question that not one journalist thought to ask the Prime Minister during her press conference was “wouldn’t this violence have been avoided if you had just engaged with the legitimate protesters on day one?”

It was easy for the Prime Minister to instead justify her inaction by blaming the remaining few hundred violent rioters for the entire past three weeks.  But the problem is that is simply not true.

Last week I said that this would inevitably turn into something akin to the Springbok Tour if the government continued their refusal to engage – and it’s exactly what happened.  One doesn’t need to be Nostradamus to have seen this coming, so either the government is totally incompetent or they knew this was going to happen and still did nothing.

It was their refusal to engage that allowed the nefarious violent groups time to begin seeping in from around the country in the first place and eventually take over the protest. In fact, the Police Commissioner stated in his address that in the last week he ‘had seen a changing mix and make-up of the crowd.  In particular, those with good intentions were now outnumbered by those with the willingness to use violence to affect their means.’

Let’s be clear, those few hundred rioters need to be held to account and no one should try to defend their violent actions.  But the mistake the Prime Minister is making is attempting to label the entirety of the protest, the thousands that turned up at parliament, and the hundreds of thousands around the country who supported it, all as a bunch of violent conspiracy theorist deplorables.  That mistake has been made before.

Perhaps if she or one of her cabinet colleagues had the courage and sense to listen to the original legitimate protester’s concerns, not only could this violence have been avoided, but they would also know that the vast majority who travelled from around the country are actually ordinary kiwis who just wanted the government to listen.

Unfortunately, the ultimate outcome could be that the actions of these few hundred rioters may well have caused the wider public to lose both sympathy and sight of what the original legitimate protest was all about.

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  1. from this day forward, this infamous govt will forever be known as the first govt to sanction violence and murder – in my opinion they need to be hung, drawn and quartered

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