James Howard Kunstler: adapt to the “long emergency.”

James Howard Kunstler: adapt to the “long emergency.”

This interview with James Howard Kunstler returns to some perennial themes that just as relevant as when I first encountered them over 10 years ago. 

James Howard Kunstler: Adapting To The End Of The World As We Know It

Geopolitics & Empire

Author James Howard Kunstler discusses the end of the world as we know it and how the thinking class has gone nuts. 

He faults our unsustainable energy policies and how the “shale revolution” has only served to extend and pretend the collapse of the oil-based economy and the unviable nature of suburbia. 

Neither will the”alt-energy freak show” of renewables and EVs save us. He covers food production, the electric grid, and feels we are on the cusp of an economic dam ready to burst and that beyond the election anything is possible (e.g. impasse, civil war). 

He comments on the Jacobin “wokester” cancel culture and identity politics movement and looks at ways we can adapt to the “long emergency.”

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