John O’Looney: Govt Is Prepared For Civil War When People Wake Up!

John O’Looney: Govt Is Prepared For Civil War When People Wake Up!

John O’Looney joins Laura Lynn to discuss what embalmers are dealing with from the vaccinated. Also super prisons being built, Heat or Eat, accelerating cancers and more. Fantastic Interview

Source: Laura Lynn Live

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  1. This frustrates me and it breaks my heart to see these people dying from the death shots as my 90 yr old mother gets better with Cat’s Claw and Ivermectin. Both inexpensive and effective against the death shots.

    I’ve sent this post to various MDs, no one is paying attention to this. Probably because they are physicians who are not familiar with herbs.

    I believe blood test before and after Cat’s Claw would prove what I am experiencing with my fully vaxxed and boosted mother.

    Cat’s Claw Glycerin Tincture in combination with Ivermectin is working against the death shots!

    I can not prove any of this as I do not have a lab and or diagnostic medical testing equipment. I can only go by my mother’s healing progress I am witnessing.

    Cat’s Claw is an ‘AntiMutagenic:’ Capable of reducing the frequency of mutation.
    Could it be stopping the mRNA process?
    I think it is definitely doing some thing along these lines.

    Cat’s Claw benefits against the death shots:
    CANCER, HEAVY METAL Poisoning, Autoimmune Diseases, promotes Healthy HEART, Internal Bleeding, Decreases the BLOOD CLOT’S clotting ability, Fatigue, Glioblastoma Brain Function Impairment, HIV, AIDS, Poor Blood CIRCULATION, Angina, BLOOD IMPURITIES, HEART Attacks, Whole Body Antibiotic,
    ANTI COAGULANT, IMMUNITY BOOSTER, Anti-VIRAL and Anti-Bacterial Infections, Anti-IMFLAMMATION, Analgesic, Detoxicant, Anti-Oxident, BLOOD PURIFIER, ANTI-PARASITIC, Immunomodulator, PAIN Reducer Isopteropodine content that stimulates the Immune System and so much more:'s-Claw-Cid2264
    On the right side of page is the ‘Expansion Tabs:’ that say: “More” with a green + sign next to it…Please expand.

    Cat’s Claw has Quercetin in it.

    Cat’s Claw is working against the vaxxines when it comes to my mom.
    My 90 yr old mother came to me with grey skin, painful edema in both lower extremities, the palms of her hands were black, she complained of Angina, she constantly complained of her injected arm hurting her to the point she could not sleep, the tips of her fingers were numb, a metal spoon would stick to her arm at the injection site, her kidneys were failing, all her internal organs were swollen and the swelling was visible and palpable. So far, all these symptoms have dissipated with the Cat’s Claw help.
    I believe Cat’s Claw is removing the graphene oxide, (heavy metals) from my mom. The palms of her hands went from black to a healthy pink.
    I noticed she has some kind of black discharge coming out of her bladder on to her white diapers. Could the black discharge be graphene oxide?

    Cat’s Claw is tearing down the white clot scaffolding structures with in the veins and arteries of her legs. Her legs are no longer in pain or swollen. She can actually walk again.

    Cat’s Claw Herb Uses,Benefits, Cures, Side Effects, Nutrients's-Claw-Cid2264

    On the right side of page is the ‘Expansion Tabs:’ that say: “More” with a green + sign next to it…Please expand.

    Mike Adams, Dr. Jane Ruby and Clay Clarkson
    SHOCKING: White Embalmer Clots Are Self Assembling Circuits 1 hour
    Health Ranger Report, Published a day ago

    Dr. Jane Ruby Show –. The results are in…Board certified embalmer and funeral director, Richard Hirschman’s bizarre and mysterious white clots pulled from sudden death in C19 jabbed cadavers, are no longer mysteries, thanks to the work of microscopy expert and Brighteon TV founder, Mike Adams. The most definitive finding is that these white thick castings taken from the arteries and veins of the injected dead are not blood clots and they are highly metallic, electrical conducting circuits and Mike Adams is here today for a stunning 2-part interview and the show wraps with a look at the real meaning of Biden’s March 2022 EO, that plans a take over of digital currency by years end…for your health? This is the Dr. Jane Ruby Show and you’re about to enter Truth In Medicine.

    I also put together a medicinal herbal tea to protect against shedding. It’s been protecting us against my mom’s shedding just fine. It also does more than just protect against shedding.
    We drink 14 oz of it every morning.

    Covid Anti-Shedding tea recipe:

    Anti-covid-VENOM Tea has Suramin, HCQ, Shikimic Acid, EGCg, ZINC, Quercetine, Anti-Oxidants, Anit-Cancer, Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Mutagenic, Vit. D, E, C, A, E, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, B12 to fight covid VENOM & shedding.

    I have been giving my fully vaxxed mother Pau d Arco for her death shot symptoms. She is doing better, a little faster since adding Pau d Arco to her tea. I recommend the Pau d Arco. It’s taste is neutral.

    3 tsp powdered pau d arco, (AntiCoagulant, Quinine, AntiCancer, Anti Inflammatory, AntiMalaria, AntiParasitic, AntiTumor, Blood Purifier, Immunity Booster, AntiViral, Blood Thinner, Heart, Poor Blood Circulation, Graphene oxide Heavy Metal Poisoning and so much more)

    3 tsp powdered tumeric, (antioxidants, AntiMutagenic stop the mRNA process, AntiViral, Immune Booster, Detoxicant, Blood Clots, Heart conditions, Cancer, reduces Inflammation, (and so much more)

    2 tsp powered black pepper, (black pepper helps absorb more curcumin from tumeric)

    3 tsp powdered star anise, (Quercetine, Shikimic Acid kills spike proteins and VENOM)

    1-2 tsp powdered orange peel, (HCQ for VENOM and tasty)

    2 tsp powdered licorice root, (neutralizes covid, pharmacological actions, the ability to act against viruses belonging to different families, including SARS corona)

    3 tsp powdered fennel seed, (Quercetin, Suramin and Shakimic Acid for VENOM, kills spike protiens, blood and intestinal Parasites, immune booster, cures resp. problems, strengthens heart, anticancer, immune booster, blood purifier, anti-inflammatory and so on)

    1-2 tsp powdered cardomon, (Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Viral properties and has the ability to kill viruses that cause flu)

    1-2 tsp powdered green tea, (strong inhibitors against multiple proteins needed by SARS-CoV-2 to infect cells and to replicate in those cells. Contains AntiOxidents and EGCg)

    3 tsp powdered whole cloves (AntiViral, AntiProtozoal, AntiParasitic)
    Cloves contain powerful AntiMicrobial agents that travel through the bloodstream, killing microscopic parasites and parasitic larvae and eggs).

    Powder herbal blend and mix together, you’ll want to put it in a glass jar with a lid to keep it fresh.

    To make 1 cup of tea, depending on your taste, add 1,2 or 3 teaspoons of the powdered herb mix in to a pot, add 3/4 cup of water and 1/4 cup of coconut milk, place lid and bring to a quick boil. Do not over boil it! Take off the heat immediately upon boil and let steep with lid on for at least 10 minutes. While the tea is steeping, add to your cup a sweetener or 2, (for sweetening synergy) such as agave and monk-fruit-sugar, or honey & stevia, add 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of coconut oil to the pot. Ready to drink. This should be coconut milky rich, sweet, tasty medicinal tea. Children will enjoy it too.

    If you are sick drink the tea 3 times per day or more. If you are not sick, drink tea once per day for protective maintenance.
    Drink before going around sick and shedding people.

    If you have extra green tea in your tea mix, I suggest drinking the medicinal tea through out the mornings only, be ye sick or not, you do not want to be awake during the night. Sleep is imperative to heal while sick.

    Coconut oil, Coconut milk and Black Pepper helps the body with the ‘Absorption’ of the ‘Curcumin’ found in Tumeric.

    SURAMIN, SHIKIMIC ACID and Science Dr. Judy Mikovits 1 hour

    Shedding Woo by Clif High

    Stew Peters Show with Dr. Bryan Ardis
    WATCH THE WATER 1 hour
    Stew Peters Network Published April 11, 2022

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