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  1. Sorry Robin. Just lost a pretty solid but unfinished comment when momentarily leaving the browser. Normally there’s no problem doing this, but at least figured out what might have happened.

    My usual friend’s insights had greatly enhanced my effort, so there’s a bit of chagrin over the loss. Will have to come back after recharging my batteries. After all, Justin Trudeau is the PM of the second largest country in the world, as my friend emphasizes.

    Canada spans 5 – 6 time zones, while the Russian Federation, the largest, covers 12. Trudeau is enamoured of a China which, with its 1.3 billion population 40 times Canada’s, covets our True North Strong and Free.

    So, I should come back to re-do the comment. Can’t promise; we’ll see.


  2. Now back, 5 days forward of above comment, and with time to have conferred with good friend of like mind, SolAmigo, who I’ve said previously is not Spanish but a born-and-bred Kanuk, fresh with insights about our PM that am sure hardly anyone is aware of.

    Where to start? Because Trudeau-China truly covers a lot of ground, as the story also takes in his father, Pierre Elliot Trudeau. Exceptionally popular, he was referred to as PET, dated Margot Kidder and Barbra Streisand, and married Margaret Sinclair, senior to her by 29* years; we could call him our celebrity PM. Possessed of a formidable intellect that even Marlon Brando called ‘scary.’ He gave us our rights and freedoms charter and reinforced Canada’s image as a contender among nations.

    It was the elder Trudeau that established our connection with the PRC, twice visiting China, meeting Chairman Mao in the first instance. Pierre’s earlier views were definitely socialist. Americans still consider socialism tantamount to communism, which it isn’t, of course (Sweden, communist?). Regardless, he was and remained great friends with Fidel Castro. The NDP (New Democratic Party), the successor in the socialist lineage to the CCF (Commonwealth Cooperative Federation), would’ve been his party were it not for the fact he would never become PM under that banner. So there we have it — the first Trudeau as a ‘fake’ Liberal Prime Minister! Setting the mold.

    But Justin Trudeau, the son, is no socialist, rather, a centrist Liberal who skews left or right as convenience dictates. In sucking up to China, he shifts far left, which is actually dictatorial territory.

    So how is this plasticity possible? Please note the malleability of his almost-always-smiling expression reminding me of the ‘what me worry?’ kid of Mad comics. My friend says he has always noticed a slightly odd aura about JT. Perhaps that’s referred to as ‘fei,’ as in Morgana Le Fay from Celtic and Arthurian legend.

    My sunny friend says he first learned of that term about 60 years ago when he asked his then boss about a female co-worker who always exhibited a rather strange cast in her general gaze and slight but perpetual smile as she went about her working day. The boss, a sensitive and sharp observer of people, instantly responded: ‘fei.’ (My friend adds that among contemporary actors, Kevin Spacey often has a similar atmosphere about him; namely, a slight ‘spaciness’ — an interesting coincidence here.)

    Well, this sent my friend on a great search for meaning. Morgana Le Fay was a sorceress who cast a spell on the great magician Merlin after conning the secret method from him. ‘Fay’ itself is another word for ‘fairy’ and the Mediaeval English origin is ‘faie, fei’ (derived from M French ‘faie, fee,’ these coming from Latin ‘Fata,’ meaning our current ‘Fate,’ and Fate here is a god). Moreover, ‘fay’ is Archaic French for ‘Faith’ !!! If one has enough faith, anything is possible, including being in favour with God, and ‘winning’ salvation.

    But when a powerful force has cast a spell on one, it’s like being hypnotized. That’s what my friend says he senses about the younger Trudeau. It’s like he’s not really ‘being’ the Prime Minister, but ‘acting’ like he is. All of this fits well with the fact that, formerly, Justin was (and get this!) a drama teacher!!! Many may recall that in this capacity, he took a major misstep in masquerading as a ‘blackface’ at a costume ball, a faux pas if there ever was one.

    There we have it; he enjoys ‘playing the role.’ This could easily segue into acting like a ‘dictator’ (or admiring dictators and dictatorships).

    Why is he like this? Does he have something akin to the Havana Syndrome where foreign embassy personnel have fallen victim to a strange mystery ailment that some experts feel may have been caused by an energy weapon (of Russian origin, of course, planted somewhere in Cuba).

    Theoretically, then, the energy source could just as easily have been a Chinese satellite in space. Low frequency sound waves have long been known to have the potential for use in hard-to-detect weaponry designed to produce lethal effects. Lethal, injurious, or just ‘mood altering’!!!

    Now, coming to the part where my friend has shone brightly. Many know that Justin Trudeau was born on Christmas Day, which also makes him a Capricorn sun sign person. Not only that, he has a brother also born on that day. And what are the chances of that happening in a family? Pretty good if the father is Pierre Elliot Trudeau!

    Aha! says my friend. The Prince of Peace, to have been born on the 25th of December, so near the Winter Solstice, the darkest time of the year, certainly has brought joy to many, even if they were not Christian. Society’s festive mood on this day and during the holiday season centered on Christmas certainly rubbed off on unbelievers. It wouldn’t be right to spoil it for people, but we could under our breath quietly say most of the western world has been fooled. Especially if the reality was that Christ had actually been born on a different day in another part of the year.

    My friend, astrologically adept in his own special way, in unison with a good number of others like him (he’s also still working on his own original research calculations), are fairly certain Jesus, as Christ The Redeemer, was born in 6 BCE, somewhere around March – April, probably as either a Pisces or Aries sun sign person. Pisces would fit perfectly because salvation and redemption are two positive characteristics of the sign. If Aries, then leadership, initiation, activism, martial spiritedness dominate.

    Meanwhile, Justin would be a Capricorn who seeks goal-oriented achievement, status, reputation. Thus, standing at the peak with power and authority.

    Except that Justin was born on a day when the personage who has defined the character of an entire 2,000+ year period — the currently out-going Piscean Age — did not actually manifest on earth on that day.

    So it’s not really the aura of exceptionalism, but of illusion, falseness and fakery, as my friend senses it, that surrounds Justin Trudeau. Role playing. “All the world’s a stage!,” in the words of the dramatist, William Shakespeare.

    Yes, his performance in the video mouthing soothing words on the dictatorship of communist China could rightly be taken as a ‘gaffe.’ Future observers will see it as vintage Trudeau. Role playing the showing of what ‘Tru-deau’ thinks is the ‘real money’ that makes for effective global politics.

    Fate! That’s the answer to why Justin is like as he is. It was his Fate to be born on Christmas Day, and Fate is determined by ancestry and karma, and influenced by The Great Source. It is not random. We will thus witness how his Destiny turns.

    Thanks, Robin, for the video!

    [*29 is a karmic number; John F Kennedy was born on 29th of May]

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