Karen Kingston – poisoned and on the run from her persuers

Karen Kingston – poisoned and on the run from her persuers

I am alarmed by this. They could be just having a day off (unknown for Maria Zeee on Telegram) but there is nothing from with Dr. Ana Mihalcea or Maria Zeee.

Please pray!!

Karen Kingston Has Been Poisoned & Calls Out Robert Malone & Others


If you remember correctly, Dr. Rashid Buttar, who was warning about the mRNA, experimental COVID shots, died earlier this year.  Questions surrounded his death as he claimed he had been poisoned shortly before he died.  Now, whistleblower Karen Kingston has come out and claims she has also been poisoned and is calling out Dr. Robert Malone and others.

This is getting even more serious by the day, people!  We must bring down Big Pharma and bring these people to justice.

Listen to what Kingston said.  There is some audio issues but they clear up after a few minutes.

One of the last things I have from Karen

Karen Kingston & Dr. Ana Mihalcea – AI Exterminating Humans Through Synthetic Biology

Karen Kingston & Dr. Ana Mihalcea join Maria Zeee to expose their correlating findings that confirm our hypothesis regarding the transhumanist agenda. Human beings are being replaced with synthetic biology, the strange clots being found inside people causing them to die suddenly is hydrogel (programmable matter), and AI may be far more advanced than we could’ve imagined, already in the process of exterminating the human race.

3 thoughts on “Karen Kingston – poisoned and on the run from her persuers

  1. Her specialty and frame of reference is such that I don’t understand. If she were able to explain her points for dummies I could get a grip. This advanced bio tech is incomprehensible for the ordinary layperson without time consuming study.

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