Karen Kingston responds to Dr.Malone

Karen Kingston responds to Dr.Malone

I Didn’t Realize Asking for Help was Considered Slander

In Corporate America, calling attention to a statement someone made is not considered slander, it’s called ‘constructive criticism’


Please take 10 min to watch these clips of me and Dr. Malone. I made no accusation that Dr. Malone had ill intentions for me. As a victim, I made a plea for my safety and asked for Dr. Malone’s help. I was personally slandered for making this plea. Individuals (who I had no personal or professional relationships with) even reached out to my family claiming I was suffering from malaria induced delusions. (A made up clinical diagnosis)

Dr. Malone has recently denied the statements he made on Joe Rogan regarding his CIA relationships and Pfizer being above international laws. Listen to Dr. Malone’s video testimony and decide for yourself.

I prefer to put this to rest and would much rather focus on criminals we can prosecute, such as Pfizer.

Thank you Audra for your time and investment in putting this short clip together.


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