Kevin McCain dicusses an Aerosolized Prion Disease

Kevin McCain dicusses an Aerosolized Prion Disease

I have placed this in the pages

SARS-CoV-2 An Aerosolized Prion Disease – And Potential Symptomatic Profile

0:00 Kev’s qualifications

11:40 COVID overview

16:00 Establishing Koch’s postulates for COVID19

19:40 Wuhan lab leak

24:00 COVID CNS penetration

27:50 Gain of function and furin clevage site

31:00 How COVID attacks the nervous system

37:05 evidence via monkey experimentation


1:12:39 Prion paper from 2018

1:15:52 Types of viruses that have prion binding domains (SARS-CoV-2 is one!)

1:19:33 Evidence Sars-CoV-2 highly unlikely to be of natural origin

1:24:05 Modelling Tourettes ticks in monkeys

1:26:40 Induced parkinsonian symptoms in monkeys

1:36:07 Hypokinetic condition – Basal ganglia and iron metabolisation

1:38:20 outro/Q&A

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4 thoughts on “Kevin McCain dicusses an Aerosolized Prion Disease

      1. Disappointed you judged this video on it’s clearly provocative title Robin. I rarely watch videos of this length (3+ hours). I had only watched about ten minutes when I realized the value of what these guys were detailing. They go into great detail about the deception perpetrated by Fauci and the CDC, the suppressed alternative treatments and their reasons/regrets for getting vaccinated.
        Currently NOTHING IS WORKING in combating the “official narrative”.
        Perhaps the ideas expressed in the final minutes of the video might have merit?
        Personally I think we’re done.
        But if you’re pressed for time,try watching the first and last quarter hours and you might realise these men are your allies not your opposition.

        1. Would I have placed McCairn’s video in my pages if I was critical of it? I had actually watched it before and should again. I was critical of someone’s video promising a solution of the world’s problems in three early steps.

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