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31 March, 2021

Kiev Builds Up Legal Conditions To Justify Its Upcoming Aggression In Donbass

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On March 29, the Ukrainian Parliament (Verkhovna Rada) adopted a draft of so-called resolution on the situation in Donbass. It seems that there is noting new in such a document, however, it puts at stake Kiev’s obligation on implementation of the Minsk Agreement.

In this resolution No. 5312, eight deputies propose to the Verkhovna Rada to call on parliaments of foreign states and international parliamentary organizations to condemn the alleged aggressive policy of the Russian Federation towards Ukraine, including the latest wave of escalation in the conflict zone.

The document provides a list of solutions that have no significant value, like:

  • demands that Russia immediately cease hostilities and observe the ceasefire, fulfill its international obligations and withdraw from Ukraine its army, mercenaries, armed formations;
  • expresses deep condolences to the families of the fallen Ukrainian defenders;
  • calls on the world community to continue and strengthen international political and economic pressure on Russia in order to end the aggression etc.

Such a document is not the first to be adopted in Ukraine in the last years. However, this draft has a specific feature. It is for the first time that Ukrainian Rada adopted the draft statement, which says that the war in Eastern Ukraine is a Russian-Ukrainian armed conflict.

Previously, the phrase “aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine” was used in Kiev’s official documents. Today, the war in Donbass was designated as an international armed conflict, that is, war.

Such a definition has significant juridical impact. This statement completely blocks Kiev’s implementation of the Minsk Agreements. Paragraph 2 of the Package of Measures clearly defines that the parties to the conflict are Kiev on the one hand, Donetsk People’s Republic and Lugansk People’s Republic (LDPR) on the other.

Today the Ukrainian Parliament officially declared, at the highest level, that the parties to the conflict are Ukraine and Russia.

The resolution ensures the immediate forwarding of the text of this statement to the national governments and parliaments of foreign states, international organizations and their parliamentary assemblies.

Kiev Builds Up Legal Conditions To Justify Its Upcoming Aggression In Donbass

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The resolution was adopted on the third intersession meetings of Rada, amid the escalation of the military situation in Eastern Ukraine.

Аour Ukrainian soldiers were killed near the village of Shuma under enemy mortar fire.

“Today, March 26 at about 14:00 in the direction of Shuma, as a result of the enemy’s shelling of our positions, four servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were killed and two were wounded,” the Ukrainian delegation to the Trilateral Contact Group claimed.

Apparently, Kiev aims at making loud statements, accusing the LDPR militia of violating the ceasefire agreement. But it forgets to mention the deaths when Ukrainian soldiers blow on their own mines. It would significantly increase the number of Ukrainian casualties, as it happens on a regular basis due to criminal negligence of Ukrainian command.

Ukraine has been increasing its military presence in eastern regions for about a moth already, as well as it has increased a number of military provocations. It seems that after having prepared its military positions, Kiev is now preparing juridically for launching of a new attack on Donbass.


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