Lara Logan TORCHES the Ukraine Narrative

Lara Logan TORCHES the Ukraine Narrative

Lara Logan: “Kyiv launders” black money “of the US” (video)

The Azov Battalion is funded by NATO

Lara Logan, a television and radio journalist, war correspondent and former CBS News reporter from 2002 to 2018, spoke of an “epic scam” in relation to what the American media – and not only – says about the war in Ukraine. .

Logan, who became better known from her adventure in Cairo’s Tahrir Square in 2011 when she risked her life surrounded by more than 500 Muslims to cover the events of the “Arab Spring” in Egypt, talked about everything from what happened in battlefields and Nazi raid battalions to the financial dealings of American politicians with Kyiv, and Zelensky himself.

“I have been covering wars for 35 years. I do not believe at all what is said. We are in a narrative where Putin is the source of all evil and we must love Ukraine and there is nothing between the two (…) Something reminiscent of whether you are either with the white racists or with the Democratic Party and what he says “

The journalist also deconstructs the Western information that the Russians are losing on the battlefield and that the “special military operation” as Moscow christened it is not developing as the Kremlin expected.

“Vladimir Putin knew exactly what he was doing when he went to Ukraine. The Russian army is not perfect. These – for example, I’ve talked to a lot of defense experts and intelligence experts from a defense intelligence service who have been studying the Russian military for years. They have difficulty performing complex aviation operations because they do very few hours of training compared to, for example, the United States. Air force at the moment, fighter pilots, but Russia is not fighting, as you mean. “It has made strategic decisions not to immediately occupy Kyiv.”

Their goal “was to take over all those biological research labs, some of which they had built themselves so they know where they are. After the fall of the USSR, Ukraine said it had turned them into health centers, but nowadays it is hard to believe. They lied to us about COVID-19, they lied to us about Russian involvement in the US elections. “There is so much going on in Ukraine that no one talks about it,” Logan said, then went on to explain in detail what was happening to the Nazis, the Azov Order, the Nazi symbols, stressing that Volodymyr Zelensky was nothing more than a puppet.

“The Azov Order has been killing and killing Russian-speakers all these years. You see such dishonesty when it comes to the history of Ukraine. You see dishonesty when it comes to the US-NATO-funded Azov Battalion. I mean, you can find pictures of them on the internet holding up the NATO flag and the swastika. And at the same time, their own emblem contains the black sun of occultism, which was the emblem of the Nazi SS “And he continues:

“This is why Crimea voted for independence. The Western media do not say what is happening in Ukraine. (…) The CIA financed the Maydan Square uprising in 2014. See the telephone conversations between Victoria Nuland and the US ambassador there (Jeffrey Payat) who decided who will be the next president of Ukraine. The case goes to Hunter Biden, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry and Mitt Romney, where both they and their children have received millions of dollars from Ukrainian gas companies. (…)

Logan emphasizes that she is not here to defend Putin. “My job as a journalist is to seek the truth. And what is happening today is that they are lying to us about Ukraine on an epic scale. When we are told that your only choices are either to be with Zelensky, who is nothing more than a puppet you will find on you Tube dancing on heels, or with Russia. “Zelensky was elected like so many leaders in the Western world.”

Putin had warned for 15 years that he would not stand idly by when globalizers took over the world. Ukraine is the center of money laundering for many leaders here in the US. “Billions of dollars have been laundered through Ukraine.”

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Lara Logan TORCHES the Ukraine Narrative 🔥

One thought on “Lara Logan TORCHES the Ukraine Narrative

  1. Yes, finally, someone gets it. Putin warned the US when HRC was running, ‘thete will be war if you elect her’… and the foolery of the West thought he was threatening. Nope. He was warning US leftists would start a war with Russia. Putin patiently waited for weak US leadership. Bingo, it’s here!
    And the US is foolishly goading Putin into nuclear conflict. Guess what? China has Putin’s back.
    Make no mistake, Putin loathes a globalist NWO construct. China may very well be correct- the US constructed the Covid-19 weapon. Who had major financial stake and influence in Wuhan Lab?… Who controls the Ukrainian bio labs?…
    Wake the fuck up already!

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