Li Menyang: What is happening in China

Li Menyang: What is happening in China

It seems that no one is taking the dire situation in China seriously.

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Dr. Peter McCullough interviews Li-Menyang

Almost 250 million people in China may have caught Covid-19 in the first 20 days of December, according to an internal estimate from the nation’s top health officials, Bloomberg News and the Financial Times reported Friday, December 23, 2022. If correct, the estimate, which cannot be confirmed, would account for roughly 18% of China’s 1.4 billion people and represent the largest Covid-19 outbreak to date globally.

The figures cited were presented during an internal meeting of China’s National Health Commission (NHC). For people outside of China, it is always difficult to trust news, given expected biases from the Chinese Communist Party and the pride that the Chinese have over their newfound economic and technological superiority. There are major factors form the backdrop of the current Chinese outbreak: 1) failed “COVID-19 Zero” policies that kept a large fraction of the population in lockdown, thus preventing the more permissive general spread and immune challenge, 2) mass deployment of the Sinovac Coronovac killed whole virus vaccine.1

While the vaccine is apparently completely ineffective against Omicron, it may be responsible for misdirecting the immune system or paradoxically making infections worse in a process called antibody-dependent enhancement. China has recently expanded the choice of vaccines to a total of 12 COVID-19 vaccines available, including five inactivated vaccines, four recombinant protein vaccines, one adenovirus shot, one recombinant novel coronavirus vaccine for inhalation and one nasal spray influenza virus vector vaccine, according to a report by Caijing magazine in December 2022.2

Chinese authorities are making plans to kick off a fourth dose of any vaccine in the country. The fourth dose may be implemented in the near future, starting with specific risk groups. In a recent CNN interview, Dr. Jessica Justman, an associate professor of medicine in epidemiology at Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health and senior technical director of the global health program there, said, “I’m concerned that China right now is one giant incubator of SARS-CoV-2. There is the potential to have so many infections and, with that, new variants.”3

We dedicate this week’s McCullough Report to the current Chinese crisis with Dr. Li-Meng Yan, host of “The Voice of Dr. Yan.”4 Dr. Yan, a Chinese virologist, is keeping in close contact with informants inside mainland China.

Some important issues came out during the interview: 1) the proportion of Chinese citizens immunized with the Sinovac-CoronaVac vaccine, whereas none of the US population, so the immune systems have been primed differently, 2) a large unknown fraction of the Chinese infections may be recurrent infections, 3) an unknown fraction of the hospitalizations and deaths may be due to recurrent infection as opposed to index cases; this would be distinctly unusual since second and third infections in the US have been mild and inconsequential, 4) it is unclear how the Chinese are deploying early treatments; however, Dr. Yan indicated that unfortunately that the Chinese had missed the boat on simple, affordable, and available viricidal nasal washes (povidone-iodine, peroxide, colloidal silver, xylitol, etc.).

The interview and the insights of Dr. Yan on the world’s largest population are invaluable at this time of crisis.

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P.S. Someone’s comments:

Important summary:

1) Is what we see happening in China real? Many of us feel like we were duped in 2020. YES. People are dying en mass and hospitals full, cremation centers are in fact working beyond capacity.

2) What is causing this?

(a) This variant appears to have migrated to the lower respiratory tract, as Geert warned. As soon as I heard this, it set off alarm bells

(b) People who had immunity (had COVID before, regardless if vaccinated or not) are dying, and dying quickly – usually within a few days. This is important because it’s well known in medical literature that you simply don’t die on subsequent infections. So this is new, feels like ADE.

3) Is it happening because the Chinese had a zero COVID policy and suddenly lifted it? 

Yes and no, this is where it gets interesting.

Yang says that the lab leak in late 2019 was intentional. The idea was to damage the world economy and sabotage Trump’s presidency. The Chinese consider it to have been a great success, and could care less that it caused some collateral damage inside China and to their own economy.

It doesn’t matter that it didn’t kill that many people. It caused great economic damage, it destroyed the Trump presidency, and put the CCP’s allies into power. It created the vaccine debacle which alone will result in deaths through ADE and adverse events, etc.

So this is round two. COVID zero was done so that when this new variant was engineered and released, it would maximize spread in China so that the new bio weapon could be exported.

4) What evidence is there?

(a) The Chinese government had made getting passports nearly impossible and restricted travel. Well, as of Jan 3, they lifted ALL restrictions and are encouraging people to travel. In fact in some cases, they are subsidizing trips! Clearly the CCP wants to export this new strain to the world and inflict maximum casualties.

(b) Traitorous Joe Biden now requires mandatory COVID testing to enter the US.

But he’s using antigen tests, which are very unreliable, and he set it to go into effect Jan 6. If it’s that dangerous, why would you put in a one week delay?

This item from Godlike Productions seems to have been removed, so I cannot reference it.

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