Liz Gunn interviews NZ midwives and nurses

Liz Gunn interviews NZ midwives and nurses

In Conversation with this Midwives’ Collective – Mandated Out Of Their Jobs

Liz travelled to Marokopa to talk with a group of Midwives who opted for freedom of choice and bodily autonomy, refusing to take the forced jab.

They have been unable to work since, having been mandated out, despite being healthy and fully able to work.

Now with all the staff shortages in medical institutions throughout NZ, the govt should be ending the mandates and allowing these honourable, brave and deeply caring Kiwis to help New Zealand women have safe and nurturing births, using their years of knowledge, training and experience.

If you would like to offer support or find out more information contact the collective at

Nurses For Freedom NZ Protest – Shannon

Interview with Shannon at the Nurses For Freedom Protest outside Middlemore Hospital.

We demand the NZ govt #EndTheMandates for all nurses and medical workers in NZ! Let them work!

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