Liz Gunn releases her Mother of All Revelations

Liz Gunn releases her Mother of All Revelations

Liz Gunn claims that 30 people jabbed at one centre are all DEAD, but fails to back it up.

This is serious information indeed BUT….

We shall just have to wait and see.

I am not holding my breath.

I think this is grandstanding.


Here are the documents that Liz Gunn has appended to her video

I don’t really need to comment because others have done so before me. I could hardly find a positive comment on Twitter ‘X’

This is most significant – from Lynda Wharton

P.S. Lynda Wharton has issued this dignified statement on Twitter


Liz Gunn is the founder of the NZ Loyal party that ran in the recent New Zealand election.

Yesterday she released the video below.

In the video Liz speaks of a Whistle Blower who has released data to her showing “tens of thousands” covid vaccine induced deaths in New Zealand.

As the founder of The Health Forum NZ, many people have been contacting me asking if we are behind this revelation.

In the interest of full transparency I wish to make it clear that The Health Forum NZ has not been contacted by Liz Gunn, and is not involved in the whistle blower revelations Liz speaks of.

Having worked at the coalface of Covid injection injury and deaths for the past two and a half years, I can however, say the following:

*We have had personal contact with many New Zealand families who have lost loved ones in close proximity to receipt of a covid injection.

*Medsafe have received 184 death following covid injection, reports, up to November 2022 (the time at which CARM stopped posting public facing data).

*Medsafe acknowledges no more than 5% of post vaccination events are ever reported to them.

*The typical number of post vaccination deaths reported to Medsafe, in a typical year (for all doses of every vaccine administered that year) is ONE or less.

*The Health Forum has for the past 2 years, collated a database of temporally related post covid injection deaths.  As we are not Medsafe, we do not make the claim that these are deaths attributed to the injection.

Rather we record the temporal connection.

This database is shared with NZDSOS for the purpose of informing the NZ Governmental authorities charged with our safety; with attendant appeals to cease the roll out of Covid injections in New Zealand, due to significant safety concerns. 

NZDSOS have submitted our database to New Zealand Regulatory and Safety authorities on multiple occasions, with no resulting interest or action from said authorities.

This database has not been presented to Liz Gunn.


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