Liz Gunn’s love letter to Real Kiwis #5

Liz Gunn’s love letter to Real Kiwis #5

Liz Gunn is a former television broadcaster who is one of the few consciences of the nation

The other letters are on her Rumble channel HERE

She cites the following discussion from Australia

Two Lawyer’s Explain Just How Dangerous The Bill Is

Meda, a Lawyer, read the bill in the evening as her family slept. By page 60 she had to get up, go to the bathroom and vomit.

Gadi is so distressed by the Bill he’s been depressed ever since he read it.

They are not alone lawyers and QC’s across the state are saying the same.

I urge you to watch the show and learn what the main stream media won’t tell you.

This bill is a dangerous Emperor Bill. And it must be stopped.

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